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Singapore Biodiversity Records 2020
    1. [Teleostei] The blueback damselfish, Pomacentrus simsiang, in Singapore. Daisuke Taira, Jovena Chun Ling Seah & Aaron Teo. [pdf]
    2. [Aves] Blue-crowned hanging parrot tucking pieces of leaf among throat feathers. Tan Hui Zhen. [pdf]
    3. [Aves] Mysterious entrapment of a sand-plover on a sandbar at Chek Jawa. Joleen Chan & Ria Tan. [pdf]
    4. [Reptilia] Malayan bridle snake at Old Upper Thomson Road. Spencer Jia Ming Yau, Wang Ting & Emmanuel Shyue Chian Goh. [pdf]
    5. [Reptilia, Magnoliophyta] Mourning gecko licking flower buds of Leea indica. Mohamad Azlin Sani. [pdf]
    6. [Mollusca] A sighting of the turtle cone shell, Conus achatinus. Calvin Jiah Jay Leow. [pdf]
    7. [Mollusca] Records of two cerithiopsid snails in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    8. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the assiminid snail, Assiminea woodmasoniana. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    9. [Reptilia] Predation of brown tree skink by a Kopstein’s bronzeback snake. Nick Baker. [pdf]
    10. [Teleostei] Brassy chub in the Singapore Strait. Andrew Bauman & Zeehan Jaafar. [pdf]
    11. [Echinodermata] New record of heart urchin, Metalia spatagus, in Singapore. Neo Mei Lin, Teresa Stephanie Tay, Joel Hong Swee Ng & Sharmaine Lee. [pdf]
    12. [Aves] An observation of Asian openbill storks in Singapore. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
    13. [Mammalia] A pair of mating lesser mousedeer. Choo Ruirong. [pdf]
    14. [Mollusca] Sightings of live Alaerato angistoma snails in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan, Lau Wing Lup & Tan Siong Kiat. [pdf]
    15. [Insecta] Spoon-tailed duskhawker dragonfly at Yishun Central. Simon Kee Mun Chan. [pdf]
    16. [Insecta] A dragonfly of the genus Heliaeschna in Jalan Lembah Thomson estate. Christian Sih & Robin Ngiam. [pdf]
    17. [Echinodermata] New records of the keeled heart urchin, Brissus latecarinatus, in Singapore. Ria Tan, Teresa Stephanie Tay & Neo Mei Lin. [pdf]
    18. [Platyhelminthes] A marine flatworm, Pseudobiceros hymanae, at Cyrene Reef. Jianlin Liu. [pdf]
    19. [Reptilia] Asian softshell turtle at Thomson Nature Park. Nick Baker. [pdf]
    20. [Aves] Daurian redstart at University Town. Yuchen Ang, Lynette Sze Min Chia, Pei Zhen Yap & Anlydia Enqi Ooi. [pdf]
    21. [Insecta] Clipper butterfly at Yishun Central. Simon Kee Mun Chan. [pdf]
    22. [Mollusca] Confirmation of the occurrence of the snail, Assiminea nitida, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    23. [Mollusca] A fig drill, Orania ficula, at Changi Beach. Chan Sow-Yan, Lau Wing Lup & Tan Siong Kiat. [pdf]
    24. [Teleostei] New record of the Cook’s cardinalfish in Singapore. Tan Heok Hui & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
    25. [Teleostei] Black-blotched porcupinefish at Cyrene Reef. Yong How Jonathan Tan. [pdf]
    26. [Mollusca] Recent sightings of the textile cone in Singapore. Ron K. H. Yeo & Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
    27. [Platyhelminthes] Seven new records of marine polyclads for Singapore. Rene Ong, Loh Koh Sheng, Ng Boon Leong, Tan Tsu Soo & Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
    28. [Teleostei] Erdmann’s wrasse off Lazarus Island. Adib Adris. [pdf]
    29. [Teleostei] New Singapore record of the fringelip mullet, Crenimugil heterocheilus. Kelvin K. P. Lim & Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
    30. [Reptilia] Predation of Malayan rock gecko by Wagler’s pit-viper. Law Ing Sind. [pdf]
    31. [Mollusca] Sightings of the long-leaf irus clam, Irus irus, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    32. [Mollusca] Live specimen of a false ark shell, Cucullaea granulosa, at Changi. Calvin Jiah Jay Leow. [pdf]
    33. [Reptilia] White-spotted slug snakes at Singapore Botanic Gardens and East Coast Park. Holly Siow & Alex Figueroa. [pdf]
    34. [Teleostei] Floral wrasse at Seringat-Kias. Adib Adris & Vincent Ting. [pdf]
    35. [Animalia] A Sunda pangolin at Yishun Central. Simon Kee Mun Chan. [pdf]
    36. [Reptilia] Malayan water monitor preying on dog-faced water snake. Craig Justin Tan. [pdf]
    37. [Reptilia] A king cobra in Hindhede Quarry. Claudia L. Y. Tan, Cheo Zi Han & Tan Hui Zhen. [pdf]
    38. [Insecta] A lantern bug, Laternaria oculata, at Mandai. Jamie Whitehouse. [pdf]
    39. [Insecta, Angiosperms] Yellow archduke caterpillars feeding on native species of Calophyllum. Cheo Zi Han, Sherry Ming Xuan Hung & Tan Hwee Huat. [pdf]
    40. [Mollusca] Examples of live ear-snails, Laemodonta punctigera, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    41. [Arachnida, Reptilia] A reticulated python infested with the tick, Amblyomma helvolum. Naomi Kim. [pdf]
    42. [Insecta] Thread-waisted wasp, Isodontia diodon, nesting in a bee hotel at HortPark. Zestin W. W. Soh & Jacqueline L. E. Chua. [pdf]
    43. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of awl sponge shell, Triphora subulata. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    44. [Mollusca] The periwinkle snail, Peasiella lutulenta, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    45. [Mollusca] Comparison of juvenile and adult mangrove murex, Chicoreus capucinus. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    46. [Reptilia] Recent observations of brown and olive tree skinks, with a review of records from Singapore. Alex Figueroa, Chloe Tan, Joys Tan & Kah Ming Teo. [pdf]
    47. [Aves] A dusky warbler at Yishun Central. Simon Kee Mun Chan. [pdf]
    48. [Mammalia] Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins near Jurong Island. Benjamin P. Y-H. Lee & Michelle Ooi. [pdf]
    49. [Teleostei] An arapaima at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Zestin W.W. Soh. [pdf]
    50. [Reptilia] Records of striped keelback from eastern Singapore. Alex Figueroa & Jason Fantuzzi. [pdf]
    51. [Insecta, Angiosperms] Fig wasps of the genus Ceratosolen in a Ficus variegata fig. Zestin W.W. Soh. [pdf]
    52. [Mollusca] Sightings of live Auriculastra brachyspira snails in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    53. [Mollusca] Sightings of pretty ear-snails, Melampus pulchellus, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    54. [Aves] An observation of coconut lorikeets at the Botanic Gardens. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
    55. [Reptilia] Ball python and Wagler’s pit-viper at Old Upper Thomson Park Connector. Nick Baker. [pdf]
    56. [Insecta] Common birdwing butterflies at Yishun Central. Simon Kee Mun Chan. [pdf]
    57. [Reptilia] Consumption of a softshell turtle by Malayan water monitors. Webster Cheong. [pdf]
    58. [Reptilia, Mammalia] An encounter with a pair of mating red-tailed racers. Richard White. [pdf]
    59. [Aves] Second Singapore record of the black-and-red broadbill in the last 50 years. Muhammad Fadhli bin Ahmad, Muhammad Ghufran bin Tahir, Ramakrishnan s/o R Kolandavelu, Mishak bin Shunari & David Li. [pdf]
    60. [Insecta] Atlas mammoth wasp, Megascolia procer procer, at Sungei Buloh. Spencer Yau Jia Ming & Zestin Wen Wen Soh. [pdf]
    61. [Mollusca] Baler volute at Changi Beach. Spencer Yau Jia Ming & Low Si Hui. [pdf]
    62. [Mammalia] Parturition of a Sunda colugo. Heng Yirui & Craig Justin Tan. [pdf]
    63. [Teleostei] A freckled porcupinefish at Changi. Adib Adris. [pdf]
    64. [Reptilia] A juvenile Sumatran flying dragon. Dhanushri Munasinghe. [pdf]
    65. [Teleostei] The silty damselfish, Pomacentrus cheraphilus, in Singapore. Daisuke Taira & Amanda Rouwen Hsiung. [pdf]
    66. [Mollusca] Barrackpore hive snails, Kaliella barrakporensis, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
    67. [Insecta] Woodborer bee, Lithurgus sp., nesting at Sungei Buloh. Zestin W. W. Soh & Kathleen K. L. Yap. [pdf]
    68. [Mollusca, Echinodermata] Parasitic snail, Eulima adamsii, on sand dollar Arachnoides placenta. Calvin Jiah Jay Leow. [pdf]
    69. [Insecta] Rediscovery of the spotted guava blue butterfly in Singapore. Tsang Kwok Choong. [pdf]
    70. [Chondrichthyes] Recent sightings of whale shark in Singapore waters. Zeehan Jaafar. [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2019
  1. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Goniobranchus trimarginatus. Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
  2. [Reptilia] Blackwater mud snake at Upper Seletar. Serin Subaraj, Law Ing Sind, David Groenewoud & Law Ingg Thong. [pdf]
  3. [Mollusca] Three species of scallops found in beach debris at Changi. Chan Sow-Yan. [pdf]
  4. [Amphibia] Discovery of the inornate chorus frog, Micryletta inornata, in Singapore. Law Ing Sind, Noel Thomas & Law Ingg Thong. [pdf]
  5. [Aves] An albino Javan myna at Yew Tee. Tan Heok Hui & Koh Li Ling. [pdf]
  6. [Mammalia] Attempted predation of Sunda colugo by a reticulated python. Charlene Yeong, Paige Lee, Joanne Lim & Delia Quek. [pdf]
  7. [Teleostei] A longnose stargazer at Changi Beach. Tan Heok Hui & Chan Sow Yan. [pdf]
  8. [Odonata] New Singapore record of a dragonfly, Indothemis carnatica, with an updated Singapore Odonata checklist. Michael Soh, Marcus Ng & Robin W. J. Ngiam. [pdf]
  9. [Mollusca] Confirmed occurrence of the awl snail, Striosubulina striatella, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan. [pdf]
  10. [Mollusca] Shell of a pink-lipped agate snail, Achatina immaculata, found in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan. [pdf]
  11. [Teleostei] Fishes observed at Windsor Nature Park. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
  12. [Insecta] Rediscovery of the orange gull butterfly, Cepora iudith malaya, in Singapore. Anuj Jain, Simon Kee Mun Chan, Michael Soh & Lena Chow. [pdf]
  13. [Mollusca] Second record of the non-native Siamese snail in Singapore. Tan Siong Kiat & Lee Bee Yan. [pdf]
  14. [Teleostei] A large school of striped eel-tail catfish at Changi. Tan Heok Hui, Zeehan Jaafar & Hennig Seerdof. [pdf]
  15. [Chondrichthyes] A Singapore record of the short-horned pygmy devil ray, Mobula kuhlii. Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  16. [Mammalia] Raffles’ banded langurs at Windsor Nature Park. Andie Ang & Sabrina Jabbar. [pdf]
  17. [Teleostei] Starry triggerfish from Sentosa. Tan Heok Hui & Lionel Ng. [pdf]
  18. [Mollusca] Record of the flat-furrow hard clam, Meretrix planisulcata, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Leo Nguang. [pdf]
  19. [Reptilia] A green iguana at the Botanic Gardens. Ron K. H. Yeo. [pdf]
  20. [Mammalia] A lesser mousedeer at Chestnut Nature Park. Chan Sow-Yan & Yap Tai San. [pdf]
  21. [Reptilia] Attempted predation on an octopus by a Malayan water monitor lizard. Chiok Wen Xuan. [pdf]
  22. [Reptilia] A recent record of the Siamese short-limbed supple skink in Singapore. Jonathan Kit Ian Ho. [pdf]
  23. [Insecta] The bombardier dragonfly, Lyriothemis cleis, at Dairy Farm Nature Park. Marcus F. C. Ng. [pdf]
  24. [Insecta] Ladybird beetles on a rooftop garden at Yishun. Marcus F. C. Ng. [pdf]
  25. [Mammalia] Sighting of Sunda colugos at Wessex Estate. Jill Bromley, Nick Baker & Norman T-Lon Lim. [pdf]
  26. [Reptilia] Observation of a king cobra attacking a smaller conspecific. Sankar Ananthanarayanan & Phillip Harrick. [pdf]
  27. [Reptilia] Juvenile king cobra at Pasir Laba Road. Craig Justin Tan. [pdf]
  28. [Reptilia] Keel-bellied whip snake at Pasir Laba. Craig Justin Tan. [pdf]
  29. [Reptilia] Twin-barred gliding snake hunting spotted house gecko. Toh Wei Yang. [pdf]
  30. [Teleostei] Blue-spotted pufferfish observed in the Singapore Strait. Toh Chay Hoon & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  31. [Teleostei] A record of the giant moray, Gymnothorax javanicus, in Singapore. Tan Heok Hui, Lee Co Sin & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  32. [Mammalia] Horsfield’s flying squirrel at Upper Seletar. Naomi Kim. [pdf]
  33. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Dermatobranchus caeruleomaculatus. An Ng. [pdf]
  34. [Mollusca] New Sigapore record of island-doll snail, Nesopupa malayana malayana. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  35. [Mollusca] New record of the semi-slug, Helicarion permolle, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  36. [Mollusca] A population of the black-snail, Faunus ater, in eastern Singapore. Lau Wing Lup & Chan Sow-Yan. [pdf]
  37. [Reptilia] A carcass of an olive ridley turtle at East Coast beach. Ng Juat Ying, Collin H. Y. Tong & Koh Kwan Siong. [pdf]
  38. [Reptilia] Paradise gliding snakes preying on lizards. Tan Swee Hee & Holly Chapman. [pdf]
  39. [Chondrichthyes, Teleostei] Fishes observed at Lower Peirce Reservoir. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
  40. [Teleostei] Scrawled filefish, Aluterus scriptus, in the Singapore Strait. Karenne Tun & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  41. [Reptilia] A Gimlett’s reed snake at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Choo Le Min. [pdf]
  42. [Mollusca]New Singapore record of the sea slug, Notarchus indicus. Tan Shiying Ann. [pdf]
  43. [Reptilia] New record of the long-tailed sun skink in Singapore. Andrew Tay. [pdf]
  44. [Teleostei] Foxface rabbitfish, Siganus vulpinus, in the Singapore Strait. Jeffrey K. Y. Low. [pdf]
  45. [Reptilia] A king cobra hunting at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Andrew Tay. [pdf]
  46. [Reptilia] Brown anole in a plant nursery at Thomson Road. Andrew Tay. [pdf]
  47. [Teleostei] New record of the ringed moray, Gymnothorax annulatus, in Singapore. Tan Heok Hui, Dedrick T. W. Yoon, Lee Co Sin & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  48. [Insecta] Mayflies found in high-rise apartment building at Yishun. Marcus F. C. Ng. [pdf]
  49. [Teleostei] New Singapore record of the dwarf velvetfish, Acanthosphex leurynnis. Tan Heok Hui & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  50. [Teleostei] New Singapore record of the goby, Pseudogobius yanamensis. Tan Heok Hui & Kelvin K. P. Lim. [pdf]
  51. [Rhodophyta] New record of the red alga, Endosiphonia horrida, in Singapore. Jenny Fong & Lawrence M. Liao. [pdf]
  52. [Teleostei] Great barracuda at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. [pdf]
  53. [Reptilia, Mammalia] Capture of a lesser Asiatic yellow house bat by a paradise gliding snake. Emmanuel Goh. [pdf]
  54. [Mollusca] African snail, Limicolaria flammea, at Mandai Road. Tan Heok Hui & Tan Siong Kiat. [pdf]
  55. [Mollusca] The non-native Siamese snail at Telok Blangah Hill Park. Tan Siong Kiat & Rena Tan Hui Shan. [pdf]
  56. [Aves] Oriental pied hornbills eating yellow-vented bulbuls. Clarisse Y. D. Tan & Foo Maosheng. [pdf]
  57. [Crustacea] The warty-armed crab, Halimede ochtodes, at Changi Beach. Marcus F. C. Ng. [pdf]
  58. [Reptilia, Arachnida] Orange-bellied ringneck snake eating spider. Holly Chapman. [pdf]
  59. [Insecta] Malayan spineleg dragonfly at Upper Seletar Reservoir. Veronica Foo Tse Fen & Lim Kim Keang. [pdf]
  60. [Mollusca] New record of adorned dove-shell, Zafra ornata, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing LupChan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  61. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the mangrove-dwelling snail, Stenothyra nana. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  62. [Mollusca] Two small species of dove-shells found at East Coast Park. Chan Sow-Yan. [pdf]
  63. [Mollusca] The allied cowrie, Diminovula margarita, at Lazarus Island. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay & Tan Siong Kiat. [pdf]
  64. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the limpet, Amathina oyamai mortoni. [pdf]
  65. [Mollusca] Sowerby’s venus clam, Lioconcha sowerbyi, a new record for Singapore. Tan Siong Kiat, Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  66. [Annelida] A large earthworm observed at Admiralty Park. Benedict Yeap Bin Hui & Foo Maosheng. [pdf]
  67. [Mollusca] Two colour forms of an estuarine snail, Orania bimucronata, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  68. [Mollusca] A live encircled mitre snail, Domiporta circula, at Changi Beach. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay. [pdf]
  69. [Mollusca] First record of the snail, Stromatolina angulata, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  70. [Teleostei] Rainbow runner in the Singapore Strait. Daisuke Taira. [pdf]
  71. [Reptilia] Banded krait entering mud lobster mound at Chek Jawa. Lim Hong Yao. [pdf]
  72. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the striped corbula clam, Potamocorbula fasciata. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  73. [Insecta] Two records of saturniid moths of the genus Antheraea in Singapore. Gan Cheong Weei & Yi-Kai Tea. [pdf]
  74. [Reptilia] Rediscovery of the lined blind snake in Singapore. Law Ing Sind, Rachel Seah & John van Wyhe. [pdf]
  75. [Reptilia] Striped tree skink at Mandai. Webster Cheong. [pdf]
  76. [Teleostei, Reptilia, Mollusca] Aquatic organisms observed in Kallang River off Jalan Rajah. Tan Heok Hui & Stanley Tay.[pdf]
  77. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the assiminid snail, Sculptassiminea microsculpta. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  78. [Teleostei] Rediscovery of spotfin frogfish in Singapore. Tan Tsu Soo & Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
  79. [Teleostei] Klein’s butterflyfish off Pulau Hantu. Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
  80. [Mollusca] New record of Ogasawara risso snail, Alvania ogasawarana, in Singapore. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  81. [Teleostei] Semicircle angelfish off Pulau Hantu. Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
  82. [Mollusca] New record of the hairy triton shell, Monoplex pilearis, in Singapore. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay & Joash Tan. [pdf]
  83. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Tergiposacca longicerata. Toh Chay Hoon. [pdf]
  84. [Insecta] Flower mantis, Theopropus elegans, at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Eunice J. Y. Soh. [pdf]
  85. [Reptilia] Brown tree skink and white-bellied rat snake at Thomson Nature Park. Nick Baker. [pdf]
  86. [Reptilia] Red-tailed racer at Thomson Nature Park. Shirley Ng. [pdf]
  87. [Mollusca] A turrid shell, Turris undosa, at Lazarus Island. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay. [pdf]
  88. [Mollusca] New record of the nudibranch genus Pruvotfolia in Singapore. Isaac Low. [pdf]
  89. [Teleostei] A moon wrasse off Lazarus Island. Adib Adris. [pdf]
  90. [Gastropoda] Two species of sponge shells found at Changi Beach. Chan Sow-Yan & Lau Wing Lup. [pdf]
  91. [Teleostei, Reptilia, Mollusca] Aquatic organisms observed at Gardens by the Bay. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
  92. [Mollusca] New Singapore record of the olive shell, Oliva hanleyorum. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay. [pdf]
  93. [Teleostei] Golden Nile catfish in Singapore. Tan Heok Hui. [pdf]
  94. [Insecta, Mollusca] Bi-coloured arboreal ants apparently feeding on eggs of apple snail. Tan Heok Hui, Wendy Wang Yanling & Tan Siong Kiat. [pdf]
  95. [Teleostei] Giant snakeheads and their brood. Tan Swee Hee. [pdf]
  96. [Mollusca] Live pink-lipped agate snail, Achatina immaculata, at Dairy Farm. Calvin Leow Jiah Jay [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2018
  1. Greenhouse frog at Dairy Farm. [pdf]
  2. Swarming of Pleurophorus beetles in a food court. [pdf]
  3. Recent records of the pink mud-eel in Singapore. [pdf]
  4. The Terengganu yellow croaker in Singapore. [pdf]
  5. Oriental whip snake eating gecko. [pdf]
  6. Small cigar stick-insect at the Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  7. Box jellyfish of the genus Morbakka in Singapore. [pdf]
  8. A variegated cardinalfish at Sisters Islands. [pdf]
  9. Bigeye trevally in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  10. Black-axil chromis in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  11. New record of the dragonfly, Anax panybeus, in Singapore. [pdf]
  12. Central bearded dragon at Telok Blangah. [pdf]
  13. Leafcutter bee, Megachile laticeps, cutting leaf of Dendrolobium umbellatum. [pdf]
  14. Smooth-coated otter eating zebra spiny eel at Marina Reservoir. [pdf]
  15. A possible roadkill Sunda scops owl at Pasir Ris. [pdf]
  16. Flower mantis, Theopropus elegans, at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  17. Mass death of crickets, Gryllus bimaculatus, at Old Upper Thomson Road [pdf]
  18. An arboreal striped kukri snake [pdf]
  19. Bleeker’s fringelip tongue-sole at East Coast [pdf]
  20. Rainbow water snake in saltwater at Sungei Buloh [pdf]
  21. New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Favorinus tsuruganus [pdf]
  22. Common Malayan racer at Mandai [pdf]
  23. Melanistic dog-toothed cat snake at Mandai [pdf]
  24. Painted bronzeback attacking four-lined tree frog at Mandai [pdf]
  25. A white-spotted slug snake at Hillview Avenue [pdf]
  26. First Singapore record of the nudibranch, Kaloplocamus acutus [pdf]
  27. Snake pennywort, Geophila repens, at Kent Ridge [pdf]
  28. Bird’s nest fungus at Kent Ridge [pdf]
  29. Singapore record of largescale flounder, Engyprosopon grandisquama [pdf]
  30. A recent record of the masked cardinalfish in Singapore [pdf]
  31. The land snail, Cyclophorus semisulcatus, at Dairy Farm Nature Park [pdf]
  32. First Singapore record of the nudibranch, Polycera risbeci [pdf]
  33. A bronze croaker in the eastern Johor Strait [pdf]
  34. Snail operculum in the faeces of a motoro stingray [pdf]
  35. First Singapore record of flying-bird ark, Arca volucris [pdf]
  36. Rediscovery of the lined dragonet in Singapore [pdf]
  37. Red-tailed racer predating on plantain squirrel [pdf]
  38. First record of the big-eared pipistrelle in Singapore [pdf]
  39. First record of the long-winged tomb bat in Singapore [pdf]
  40. First Singapore record of the sea slug, Pleurobranchus weberi [pdf]
  41. King cobra feeding on a monitor lizard at night [pdf]
  42. Long-leaved beauty berry, Callicarpa longifolia, at MacRitchie forest [pdf]
  43. A cheek-lined Maori-wrasse in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  44. A Kopstein’s bronzeback eating a green crested lizard [pdf]
  45. Observation of a changeable lizard laying eggs [pdf]
  46. Bearded leatherjacket at Sentosa [pdf]
  47. Stem borer, Xystrocera festiva, at Dairy Farm Nature Park [pdf]
  48. Cone snail, Conus caracteristicus, at East Coast Park [pdf]
  49. A shortsnout boxfish, Ostracion rhinorhynchos in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  50. Vinegaroon at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve [pdf]
  51. Barklice, Clematoscenea sp., at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  52. Shorthead fang-blenny in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  53. A cobia in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  54. Urban high-rise nesting by the solitary resin bee Megachile disjuncta [pdf]
  55. A pair of mating big-bellied Tylorida spiders [pdf]
  56. Facultative termite nest occupancy by the Geissler’s stingless bee [pdf]
  57. Atlas moth caterpillars at Yishun [pdf]
  58. Ringed pipefish in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  59. Decorative lagoon-goby in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  60. Reticulate pufferfish sold for food at a market [pdf]
  61. First record of gastroliths in a green iguana from Singapore [pdf]
  62. Siamese glass perchlets at Bukit Batok Nature Park [pdf]
  63. Emergence of Podagrion wasps from the ootheca of a praying mantis [pdf]
  64. Prolonged stadium and subsequent death of a praying mantis [pdf]
  65. Malesian frog and Malayan giant frog at Bishan Park [pdf]
  66. Visits to extrafloral nectaries of an exotic plant by Geissler’s stingless bee [pdf]
  67. Pin-tailed whydahs at Pasir Ris [pdf]
  68. A sugar glider at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  69. A yellow-spotted river turtle at Pasir Ris [pdf]
  70. Common jester, Symbrenthia hippoclus at Admiralty Park [pdf]
  71. New Singapore records of the blue tiger, Tirumala limniacea [pdf]
  72. Ataenius australasiae beetles at Upper Bukit Timah [pdf]
  73. A Singapore record of the cutribbon wrasse, Stethojulis interrupta [pdf]
  74. A Singapore record of the yellowtail sergeant, Abudefduf notatus [pdf]
  75. First Singapore record of the yellowbar parrotfish, Scarus schlegeli [pdf]
  76. White damselfish in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  77. White-throated kingfisher holding a striped keelback [pdf]
  78. A tarantula of the genus Selenocosmia at Upper Seletar [pdf]
  79. The Malayan nawab, Polyura moori, in Singapore [pdf]
  80. A striped jay, Graphium bathycles, at Rifle Range Track [pdf]
  81. New record of the nudibranch, Dendrodoris guttata, in Singapore [pdf]
  82. Four rare lycaenid butterflies from Upper Seletar [pdf]
  83. A Singapore record of the nudibranch, Aegires cf. exeches [pdf]
  84. A Singapore record of the sea-slug, Sagaminopteron nigropunctatum [pdf]
  85. A Singapore record of a cockroach of the genus Thyrsocera [pdf]
  86. A crested goshawk at West Coast Park [pdf]
  87. First Singapore record of the Quoy’s parrotfish, Scarus quoyi [pdf]
  88. Staghorn damselfish in the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  89. A Singapore record of the raccoon butterflyfish, Chaetodon lunula [pdf]
  90. Paradise gliding snake eating house gecko [pdf]
  91. Sighting of a Sunda colugo at Gallop Road [pdf]
  92. The dwarf crow butterfly, Euploea tulliolus, in Singapore [pdf]
  93. Third record of the Gimlett’s reed snake in Singapore [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2017
  1. Javan pipistrelles at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  2. Striped panchax at Jurong East. [pdf]
  3. Roadkill green iguana at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  4. Clouded monitor lizard eating snail. [pdf]
  5. Fishes, shrimps and aquatic molluscs observed at Singapore Quarry. [pdf]
  6. Spotted sand-diver at Changi. [pdf]
  7. Polychaetes in the diet of the Commerson’s sole. [pdf]
  8. Wagler’s pit viper at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  9. Golden gliding snake at Marina South. [pdf]
  10. Apparent courtship behaviour of the house wolf snake. [pdf]
  11. Speckle-headed whip snake at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  12. Long-tailed macaques and mushrooms. [pdf]
  13. A probable yellow-headed temple terrapin at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  14. Defoliation of sentul tree by atlas moth caterpillars. [pdf]
  15. Assassin bug feeding on millipede. [pdf]
  16. A gathering of brahminy kites at Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  17. Hybrid tilapia at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  18. A Fly River turtle in MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  19. Smooth-coated otters and green chromide at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  20. Great billed and grey herons at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  21. Heavy jumping spider at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  22. Recent record of the turban snail, Turbo heterocheilus, at Changi. [pdf]
  23. First record of Fearnley’s coral shell, Coralliophila fearnleyi, in Singapore. [pdf]
  24. Trefoil horseshoe bat at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  25. Juvenile spotted scats at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  26. Slender squirrel preying on caterpillar. [pdf]
  27. Indochinese rat snake at Sembawang. [pdf]
  28. Metallic blue and red mud-worms at Pasir Ris mangrove. [pdf]
  29. Giant goramies in Sungei Seletar. [pdf]
  30. First record of side-gilled slug, Berthellina delicata, in Singapore. [pdf]
  31. New Singapore record of nudibranch, Doto ussi [pdf]
  32. Brown anole at the Singapore Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  33. Javan pipistrelle at Kent Ridge campus [pdf]
  34. Record of three marine snails from the Singapore Strait [pdf]
  35. Reticulated swamp crab, Parathelphusa reticulata, in Springleaf watershed [pdf]
  36. New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Trapania gibbera [pdf]
  37. Blue-necked keelback at Upper Seletar [pdf]
  38. Slender squirrel preying on gecko [pdf]
  39. Orange-bellied ring-neck snake at Bukit Kalang [pdf]
  40. Australian cockroach at Upper Thomson [pdf]
  41. Records of the elongate oyster blenny in Singapore [pdf]
  42. New record of the masked bannerfish in Singapore [pdf]
  43. Javan flounder at Tuas [pdf]
  44. Lantern bugs of the genus Polydictya at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  45. New Singapore record of comb bittersweet clam, Tucetona pectunculus [pdf]
  46. New Singapore record of nudibranch, Eubranchus ocellatus [pdf]
  47. Long-tailed macaque feeding on flowers of the mangrove apple tree [pdf]
  48. A nudibranch, Doto greenamyeri, at Pulau Hantu [pdf]
  49. Frilly gecko at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve [pdf]
  50. Carcass of banded Malayan coral snake in a phytotelma [pdf]
  51. Deep flounder at East Coast [pdf]
  52. First Singapore record of the Günther’s flounder [pdf]
  53. Western gregory at Sultan Shoal [pdf]
  54. Regal demoiselles in Sisters Islands Marine Park [pdf]
  55. Singapore bent-toed gecko at Admiralty Park [pdf]
  56. New Singapore record of the nudibranch, Bulbaeolidia alba [pdf]
  57. Geometrid moth, Dysphania subrepleta, at Telok Blangah [pdf]
  58. An atlas moth infestation at Yishun [pdf]
  59. Lesser whistling ducks on Pulau Ubin [pdf]
  60. Banded file snake hunting and eating a goby [pdf]
  61. Predation on golden orb web spider by robber fly [pdf]
  62. Rediscovery of Gimlett’s reed snake in Singapore [pdf]
  63. Two species of snappers off Lazarus and Seringat Islands [pdf]
  64. Longfin grouper in Sisters Islands Marine Park [pdf]
  65. Speckle-headed whip snake at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  66. Zebra crab on a sea-urchin at Changi Beach [pdf]
  67. A juvenile longhorn cowfish [pdf]
  68. Brown drombus goby found in burrows with snapping shrimps [pdf]
  69. First records of the longhorn beetle, Pachyteria dimidiata, in Singapore [pdf]
  70. Keel-bellied whip snake attacking flying dragon [pdf]
  71. Greenhouse frogs at Clementi Woods [pdf]
  72. White-spotted slug snake at Portsdown Road [pdf]
  73. Striped bronzebacks and striped kukri snake at Sungei Buloh [pdf]
  74. Talang queenfish off Lazarus Island [pdf]
  75. Two species of pyramidelloid snails new to Singapore [pdf]
  76. Recent record of marlinspike auger at Kusu Island [pdf]
  77. An unknown ariophantid semi-slug in Singapore [pdf]
  78. Two species of venus clams new to Singapore [pdf]
  79. Recent sightings of two species of sundial shells at eastern Singapore [pdf]
  80. Lyrate Asiatic hard clam, Meretrix lyrata, at Changi coast [pdf]
  81. Possible mating and spawning behaviour of partridge sundial snails [pdf]
  82. Parasitic snails, Vitreobalcis sp., on white sea urchins at Cyrene Reef [pdf]
  83. Velvet worm (Onychophora) on Pulau Ubin [pdf]
  84. Vinegar crab, Episesarma singaporense, feeding on dead congener [pdf]
  85. New Guinea flatworm hunting a land slug [pdf]
  86. Dog-toothed cat snake at Pasir Ris [pdf]
  87. Argus wrasses at Pulau Seringat [pdf]
  88. Whiskered myotis roosting at Upper Thomson [pdf]
  89. Lowland dwarf gecko at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  90. First record of Canarium erythrinum in Singapore [pdf]
  91. A find of articulate harp shell, Harpa articularis, at Changi [pdf]
  92. First Singapore record of Essington dove shell, Mitrella essingtonensis [pdf]
  93. First Singapore record of Souverbie’s nerite, Smaragdia souverbiana [pdf]
  94. First Singapore record of Venus clam, Pitar lineolatus [pdf]
  95. An unlikely Singapore record of the bannerfish, Heniochus diphreutes [pdf]
  96. Singapore records of the crescent oyster blenny, Omobranchus smithi [pdf]
  97. New record of moustache conger, Conger cinereus, in Singapore [pdf]
  98. Singapore tuskfish at Cyrene Reef [pdf]
  99. A yellowbelly dottyback off Pulau Satumu [pdf]
  100. A colour-changing shield bug, Enada rosea, at Kent Ridge [pdf]
  101. A tuft-bearing longhorn beetle, Aristobia approximator, at Marina Bay [pdf]
  102. A fallen nest of night hornets, Provespa anomala [pdf]
  103. A banded wolf snake at Upper Seletar [pdf]
  104. River jellyfish, Acromitus hardenbergi, at Sungei Buloh [pdf]
  105. Blennies in mangrove tree stumps exposed at low tide [pdf]
  106. Mainland leopard cat on Pulau Ubin [pdf]
  107. Brown tree skink at Windsor Nature Park [pdf]
  108. The mangrove swamp eel, Ophisternon bengalense, in Singapore [pdf]
  109. Kite butterflyfish and carpet anemones [pdf]
  110. Three species of sergeant damselfishes off Pulau Satumu [pdf]
  111. A spotted keelback at MacRitchie forest [pdf]
  112. First record of the little stint, Calidris minuta, in Singapore [pdf]
  113. Giant resin bee, Megachile tuberculata, in an urban community garden [pdf]
  114. Painted bronzeback attacking a four-lined tree frog [pdf] [Audio]
  115. Long-tongued nectar bat with pup on Pulau Ubin [pdf]
  116. Barred eagle-owl at Pulau Ubin [pdf] [Audio]
  117. Giant grouper at Semakau [pdf]
  118. Estuarine dart-goby, Parioglossus palustris, in wood out of water [pdf]
  119. Presence of the snail, Hemiplecta humphreysiana, at the Botanic Gardens [pdf]
  120. Mangrove box jellyfish, Tripedalia cystophora, in Singapore [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2016
  1. Second recent record of a white-spotted cat snake in Singapore. [pdf]
  2. Indian cuckoo feeding on caterpillars. [pdf]
  3. Himalayan vulture at Toa Payoh. [pdf]
  4. Interaction between an adult and a juvenile slender squirrel. [pdf]
  5. Malayan water monitor preying on changeable lizard. [pdf]
  6. Gelatinous zooplankton found around Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  7. Recent sightings of shoulder-spot wrasse in Singapore waters. [pdf]
  8. Golden orb web spider with ectoparasitic biting midges. [pdf]
  9. Black-headed collared snakes at Mandai and Kranji. [pdf]
  10. Andromorphs of the Sultan dragonfly. [pdf]
  11. Cardinalfishes of the genus Taeniamia off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  12. Mangrove pit-vipers at Pasir Ris and Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  13. Three records of king cobra in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  14. Gold-lined sweetlips in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  15. Large congregation of yellowfin needlefish at Harbourfront. [pdf]
  16. Sweet-potato bugs infesting sea morning glory at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  17. East Asian ornate chorus frogs at Lorong Halus. [pdf]
  18. New Singapore record of nudibranch genus Aegires. [pdf]
  19. King cobra at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  20. Blue-rumped parrots feeding on starfruit. [pdf]
  21. An albino lesser dog-faced fruit bat. [pdf]
  22. New Singapore record of nudibranch Sakuraeolis kirembosa. [pdf]
  23. New Singapore record of the nudibranch genus Godiva. [pdf]
  24. Mosquitoes feeding on many-lined sun skink. [pdf]
  25. Mobbing of red-tailed racer by squirrels and macaques. [pdf]
  26. Congregation of hairy sea hares at Changi Point. [pdf]
  27. Juvenile knobbly sea stars on Singapore shores. [pdf]
  28. Asian soft shell turtle at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  29. Cavite cardinalfish from Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  30. Barred buttonquail at Coney Island. [pdf]
  31. King quail road kill at Bedok Reservoir Park. [pdf]
  32. New Singapore record of nudibranch Trapania caerulea. [pdf]
  33. New Singapore record of sea slug Placida cremoniana. [pdf]
  34. First record of greenhouse frog in Singapore. [pdf]
  35. Brook’s house geckos at Admiralty Park. [pdf]
  36. New Singapore record of nudibranch Hypselodoris tryoni. [pdf]
  37. Giant snakehead in saltwater at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  38. Rediscovery of the lesser sheath-tailed bat on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  39. New Singapore record of the nudibranch Aegires villosus. [pdf]
  40. New Singapore record of the sea slug Odontoglaja mosaica. [pdf]
  41. Common Malayan racer at Ulu Simpang Kiri. [pdf]
  42. Short-limbed supple skink at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  43. Humpback grouper off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  44. Malayan flying fox over MacRitchie. [pdf]
  45. Five-banded flying dragon at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  46. Hole fishing for Sunda swamp-eel. [pdf]
  47. Bizarre death of a reticulated python at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  48. New Singapore record of Wassink’s cardinalfish. [pdf]
  49. Elongate surgeonfish off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  50. New record of reticulated dascyllus in Singapore. [pdf]
  51. Owlet moth Cyclodes omma larvae feeding on fruit of fishtail palm. [pdf]
  52. More Malayan flying foxes over MacRitchie. [pdf]
  53. Brown land crab Cardisoma carnifex in Singapore. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  54. House wolf snake preying on flat-tailed gecko. [pdf]
  55. Birds feeding on waringin figs in West Coast Park. [pdf]
  56. Oriental pied hornbill preying on changeable lizard. [pdf]
  57. Long-tailed macaques eating apple snails. [pdf]
  58. Smooth-coated otters hunting at Marina South Gardens. [pdf]
  59. Malayan tapir at Changi North. [pdf]
  60. Ruddy breasted crakes at Marina South. [pdf]
  61. Stung by a longspine waspfish. [pdf]
  62. Bluespot shrimp-goby off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  63. Banded leaf monkey feeding on seed pods of rain tree. [pdf]
  64. Starry pufferfish with barnacles in its gut sold for food in a market. [pdf]
  65. Haas’s bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  66. Fishes observed at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  67. Javan pipistrelle at Punggol. [pdf]
  68. Aggregation of Tytthosoceros lizardensis flatworms at Beting Bronok. [pdf]
  69. Plantain squirrels at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  70. Saddled shrimp-goby At Sentosa. [pdf]
  71. Leea angulata at Seletar Country Club: new locality record for Singapore. [pdf]
  72. Pearly-banded bees Nomia incerta nesting in flower pots at Pasir Ris. [pdf]
  73. Whip spiders of the genus Sarax in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. [pdf]
  74. Marbled bent-toed gecko at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  75. Behn’s damselfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  76. Shelled sacoglossa from Lazarus and Saint John’s Islands. [pdf]
  77. Aquatic vertebrates observed at Kent Ridge Park. [pdf]
  78. Recent records of lancelets from Singapore. [pdf]
  79. Brown land crab Cardisoma carnifex on Pulau Ubin. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  80. Synchronous emergence of cicadas at Labrador Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  81. Blue Bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  82. Orange-cheeked waxbills at Bishan. [pdf]
  83. Banded leaf-monkeys crossing road. [pdf]
  84. Aquatic organisms observed at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  85. Green chromides spawning at Sentosa. [pdf]
  86. New record of stick insect Trachythorax maculicollis in Singapore. [pdf]
  87. Dead snakes and skink at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  88. Common treeshrew at Bedok. [pdf]
  89. A megamerinid fly of the genus Texara at Labrador Park. [pdf]
  90. Possible courtship behaviour of the giant mudskipper. [pdf]
  91. Paper wasp Ropalidia sumatrae nest in Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  92. Masked burrowing crab Gomeza bicornis at Sentosa. [pdf]
  93. Forest snakeheads attacking Malayan forest softshell turtle. [pdf]
  94. A mangrove crab Perisesarma fasciatum at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  95. Smooth-coated otter preying on African moony in Marina Reservoir. [pdf]
  96. Oriental small-clawed otters on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  97. New record of the creeping plant Evolvulus nummularius in Singapore. [pdf]
  98. Three-striped palm civets feeding on cauliflory figs. [pdf]
  99. The marine snail Pisania ignea off Pulau Senang. [pdf]
  100. Crested honey buzzard eating honeycomb at Pasir Ris. [pdf]
  101. Grey bonnet preying on sand dollar at Changi. [pdf]
  102. Red-breasted parakeets eating golden penda fruits. [pdf]
  103. Sexual dimorphism in shortnose boxfish sold for food. [pdf]
  104. Male brown anoles displaying at Gardens by the Bay. [pdf]
  105. Sumatran spitting cobra eating Malaysian wood rat at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  106. Whip spider and whip scorpion on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  107. New record of flower urchin Toxopnesustes pileolus in Singapore. [pdf]
  108. Thunder crabs Myomenippe hardwickii feeding on seahare and stingray. [pdf]
  109. Recent record of black-spined murex at Pulau Sudong. [pdf]
  110. First Singapore records of Emarginella incisura and Indomodulus tectum. [pdf]
  111. Smooth-coated otter interacting with banded file snake. [pdf]
  112. Green iguanas at Kranji Reservoir. [pdf]
  113. Fishes, shrimps and aquatic snails observed at Kranji Marsh. [pdf]
  114. Lesser dog-faced fruit bats making tent on ornamental plant. [pdf]
  115. A climbing perch at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  116. Wrestling behaviour of black-eyed litter frogs. [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2015
  1. New record of robust ribbon-goby in Singapore. [pdf]
  2. Partially eaten tilapia discarded by smooth-coated otters. [pdf]
  3. Dwarf reed snakes on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  4. Leopard cat in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  5. Malayan porcupine in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  6. Greater mousedeer in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  7. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  8. Land snail Hemiplecta humphreysiana in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  9. An intertidal beetle at Lazarus Island [pdf]
  10. Blue-striped angelfish and longfin bannerfish from Singapore [pdf]
  11. Mayan and midas cichlids in West Coast pond. [pdf]
  12. Land snails Sarika resplendens feeding on frog carcass. [pdf]
  13. Black-and-gold huntsman spider Thelcticopis sp. on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  14. Malayan water monitor walking with raised tail. [pdf]
  15. Swamp crab Pseudosesarma bocourti on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  16. Black scorpion Heterometrus longimanus on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  17. Leopard cat in Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  18. Banded tripefin at Pulau Pawai. [pdf]
  19. Nape-banded coral goby from Terumbu Berkas. [pdf]
  20. Kopstein’s bronzeback eating painted bronzeback. [pdf]
  21. Juvenile king cobra at Mandai. [pdf]
  22. Chinese striped-neck terrapin at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  23. Günther’s frog at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  24. Bluestreak cleaner wrasse off Big Sister Island. [pdf]
  25. Malayan swamp skink Sphenomorphus sp. at Sime forest. [pdf]
  26. Five-banded flying dragon at Mandai. [pdf]
  27. First record of East Asian ornate chorus frog on Singapore Island. [pdf]
  28. A juvenile large-footed Myotis bat at Punggol. [pdf]
  29. Smythea lanceata at Mandai mangroves. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  30. Green-spotted goby at West Coast marsh pond. [pdf]
  31. Lantern bug Laternaria oculata at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  32. Estuarine crocodile scavenging on carcass of domestic cat. [pdf]
  33. Antagonistic interaction between plantain squirrel and Tanimbar corella. [pdf]
  34. Shrew-faced squirrel at Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  35. Banded file snake at Sembawang beach. [pdf]
  36. Barred kukri snake at eastern MacRitchie. [pdf]
  37. Singapore bent-toed gecko swimming underwater. [pdf]
  38. Spotted wood owls at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  39. A pair of mating octopuses. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  40. New record of blue-spotted pufferfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  41. Louse flies (Hippoboscidae) on a young rock pigeon. [pdf]
  42. Sunda slow loris at Mandai. [pdf]
  43. Red-tailed racer at Mandai. [pdf]
  44. Green iguana at Sungei Tengah. [pdf]
  45. Banded leaf-monkeys at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  46. New record of ornate slippery goby Lubricogobius ornatus in Singapore. [pdf]
  47. New record of flower cardinalfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  48. Striped keelback eating Asian toad. [pdf]
  49. Cuban slider and common cooter at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  50. Slingjaw wrasse in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  51. New record of bluefin trevally in Singapore. [pdf]
  52. Common treeshrew at Burgundy Crescent. [pdf]
  53. Brown anole at Bishan. [pdf]
  54. Black-headed collared snake at Upper Peirce Reservoir Park. [pdf]
  55. Manthey’s chorus frog at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  56. Orangefin wrasse at Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  57. Globe urchin in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  58. Parasitoid wasp Brachymeria sp. ovipositing on a dipteran larvae. [pdf]
  59. Freshwater leech at Mandai. [pdf]
  60. New record of the volitans lionfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  61. Mating millipedes Chondromorpha xanthotricha at Punggol Park. [pdf]
  62. Long-tailed macaque at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector. [pdf]
  63. Two additional fish records from Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  64. A white-crested laughingthrush in a canteen at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  65. Slender peacock bass and motoro stingray from Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  66. Golden gliding snake at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  67. Sunda pangolins crossing road at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  68. Brown-banded bamboo shark off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  69. Pacific golden plovers in breeding plumage at Serangoon Reservoir. [pdf]
  70. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek at western Mandai. [pdf]
  71. Freshwater leech brooding behaviour. [pdf]
  72. Apparent mimicry of marine flatworm and nudibranch. [pdf]
  73. New record of the black-spotted rockskipper blenny in Singapore. [pdf]
  74. Sunda pangolin at Upper Bukit Timah Road. [pdf]
  75. Red jungle fowl at Fort Canning Park. [pdf]
  76. Interaction between two spotted keelback snakes. [pdf]
  77. White nut sheath bubble shell Atys naucum at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  78. Ramose murex Chicoreus ramosus spawning at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  79. First record of bubble snail Limulatys okamotoi in Singapore. [pdf]
  80. Skeletal remains of a pig-nosed turtle in Tampines Quarry. [pdf]
  81. Carcass of snapping turtle at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  82. Terrapins in the Symphony Lake of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  83. Humpback grouper at Chek Jawa. [pdf]
  84. Rainbow mud snake at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  85. A record of the white banded bubble Hydatina albocincta in Singapore. [pdf]
  86. Knobbly seastar on the shores of Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  87. New Guinea flatworm Platydemus manokwari in Singapore. [pdf]
  88. Red-breasted parakeets at Yew Tee estate. [pdf]
  89. Red-breasted parakeets eating rambutan. [pdf]
  90. New record of nudibranch Dermatobranchus fortunatus in Singapore. [pdf]
  91. Red pacu at Punggol Reservoir. [pdf]
  92. Pastel-green wrasse in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  93. Smoky damselfish off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  94. New record of nosestripe sandperch in Singapore. [pdf]
  95. Smooth-coated otters at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  96. Antagonistic behaviour of African walking catfish at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  97. Asian softshell turtle at Mandai west. [pdf]
  98. Brown anoles mating at Marina Bay. [pdf]
  99. New Guinea flatworm, Platydemus manokwari, at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  100. New record of auger shell, Triplostephanus triseriatus, in Singapore. [pdf]
  101. A smooth-coated otter at Changi. [pdf]
  102. Juvenile mangrove whip-ray at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  103. Records of Singapore cardiomya, Cardiomya singaporensis. [pdf]
  104. A record of Singapore keyhole limpet, Diodora singaporensis. [pdf]
  105. King cobra attacking reticulated python. [pdf]
  106. King cobra roadkill at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  107. Smooth-coated otters at Tuas. [pdf]
  108. Long-tailed macaque juveniles following a painted bronzeback. [pdf]
  109. Motoro stingray in stream at Lorong Banir. [pdf]
  110. Spawning aggregations of waved mitre snails, Pterygia undulosa, at Changi. [pdf]
  111. Rediscovery of the hermit crab, Dardanus hessii, in Singapore. [pdf]
  112. Chinese striped-neck terrapins at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  113. Chaophraya giant catfish at Marina Reservoir. [pdf]
  114. New record of brick seamoth in Singapore. [pdf]
  115. New record of the nudibranch Doridomorpha gardineri in Singapore. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  116. Probable breeding pair of grouper. [pdf]
  117. Elongate surgeonfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  118. Blacktip reef sharks caught in trammel nets at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  119. New record of the featherstar Cenometra bella in Singapore. [pdf]
  120. Black cardinalfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  121. A Fly River turtle at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  122. Giant mudskipper preying on crab-eating water snake. [pdf]
  123. Marine animals caught in trammel nets at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  124. Additional fishes observed at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  125. Copper-throated sunbird preying on spider. [pdf]
  126. Red egg crab releasing larvae. [pdf]
  127. Asian arowana from Banir stream with note on its gut contents. [pdf]
  128. Flathead goby at Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  129. New record of the polychaete Tylonereis bogoyawlenskyi in Singapore. [pdf]
  130. Chinese striped-neck terrapins at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  131. Marine flatworms at Seringat Kias. [pdf]
  132. Winged argonaut shell at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  133. Tree Snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  134. Gold-ringed cat snake at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  135. Green iguana at Burgundy Crescent. [pdf]
  136. Indo-Pacific tarpon leptocephali from Pasir Panjang. [pdf]
  137. Sperm whale tooth at Pulau Subar Laut. [pdf]
  138. Records of Lamellaria snails in Singapore. [pdf]
  139. Juvenile map pufferfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  140. Sabah grouper in Singapore. [pdf]
  141. The moth Erebus macrops at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  142. New records of two hesionid polychaetes from the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  143. Batfishes off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  144. New record of Celebes flathead in Singapore. [pdf]
  145. Eastern cowtail stingray in eastern Johor Strait. [pdf]
  146. Winged sea slugs at Marina Bay. [pdf]
  147. New record of ringed pipefish in Singapore. [pdf]
  148. Green turtle carcass showing sign of boat strike at Selat Pandan. [pdf]
  149. Variable squirrel feeding on green ebony. [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2014
  1. The climber Gymnanthera oblonga at East Coast Park. [pdf]
  2. Oriental white-eye nesting at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  3. Spotted reef crab at Pulau Tekukor. [pdf]
  4. Blue bronzeback at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  5. Non-native fishes observed in marsh pond at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  6. Copper-cheeked frog and four-lined tree frog in amplexus. [pdf]
  7. Gray’s leaf insect at Venus Drive forest. [pdf]
  8. Russell’s lionfish in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  9. Lesser whistling duck family at Pandan canal. [pdf]
  10. Striped bronzeback neonates at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  11. Asian arowana in Pangsua pond. [pdf]
  12. Malayan brown snakes at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  13. A record of Stomatella impertusa in Singapore. [pdf]
  14. Spotted keelback at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  15. Big-eye green whip snake at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  16. Dark-spotted numbfish neonate at Changi Beach. [pdf]
  17. Variable reed snake swallows earthworm. [pdf]
  18. Asian arowana in Nee Soon swamp forest. [pdf]
  19. Semicircle angelfish from Tuas. [pdf]
  20. Malayan giant frog at the Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  21. Zebra spiny-eel and slender walking catfish in Lorong Banir stream. [pdf]
  22. Black marsh terrapin on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  23. Three-striped palm civet at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  24. Blacktip reef sharks at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  25. Scrawled filefish at Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  26. Asian arowana at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  27. Schultz’s pipefish off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  28. Beaded sea-snake at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  29. Possible rodent and avian predation of tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis. [pdf]
  30. Some myriapods from Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  31. Malaysian giant terrapin at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  32. Last instar caterpillar of orange tiger moth, Asota egens. [pdf]
  33. Blackspot shark at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  34. Striped sun skink at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  35. Oriental scops owl on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  36. Beaded sea-snake at Changi Beach. [pdf]
  37. Golden gliding snake at Shenton Way. [pdf]
  38. Tree-climbing behavior of the land snail Hemiplecta humphreysiana. [pdf]
  39. Coral cat-sharks at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  40. Hardwicke’s woolly bat at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  41. Striped tree skink at Dairy Farm Nature Park. [pdf]
  42. Frilly gecko at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  43. Elegant bronzeback at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  44. Keel-bellied whip snake at NTU Jurong Campus. [pdf]
  45. Harlequin cockroach Neostylopyga rhombifolia at Kovan. [pdf]
  46. Indian star tortoise at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  47. Longspine razorfish at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  48. Group of ten smooth-coated otters at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  49. Yellowbelly dottyback courtship behaviour. [pdf]
  50. A jade-green cicada at suburban Upper Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  51. Jasper cat snake roadkill at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  52. Twin-barred gliding snake preying on spotted house gecko. [pdf]
  53. Aggregation of two species of demoiselle fishes at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  54. A twin-barred gliding snake’s failed attempt to prey on gecko. [pdf]
  55. Dead juvenile spiny terrapin at Sime forest. [pdf]
  56. New record of sea-slug Odontoglaja guamensis in Singapore. [pdf] [Corrigendum, pdf]
  57. The mangrove pebble crab Philyra malefactrix at Kranji. [pdf]
  58. Dwarf reed snake at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]]
  59. New record of the nudibranch Nembrotha livingstonei in Singapore. [pdf] [Corrigendum, pdf]
  60. New record of the nudibranch Trapania vitta in Singapore. [pdf]
  61. Hooded pitta at Sime forest. [pdf]
  62. Crested serpent eagle preying on oriental whip snake. [pdf]
  63. New record of intermediate flounder in Singapore. [pdf]
  64. Stellar rockskipper blenny at Big Sister Island. [pdf]
  65. Some fishes in a stream at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  66. Malayan colugo at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  67. New record of nudibranch Trapania euryeia in Singapore. [pdf]
  68. Non-native fishes at inlet of Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  69. American bull frogs at inlet of Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  70. Congregation of Oriental river gobies at Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  71. Spawn of the saddleback anemonefish. [pdf]
  72. Banded Malaysian coral snake at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  73. Colour forms of the midas cichlid. [pdf]
  74. Javan pipistrelle at Paya Lebar. [pdf]
  75. A hive of black dwarf honeybees at Kent Ridge campus. [pdf]
  76. New record of Kuiter’s dragonet from Singapore. [pdf]
  77. Masked rough-sided frog at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  78. New record of the Horsfield’s large-footed myotis in Singapore. [pdf]
  79. Striped keelback on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  80. Freshwater crab Parathelphusa maculata at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  81. Blue Malayan coral snake biting orange-bellied ringneck. [pdf]
  82. Freshwater sponge at Marina Bay South Gardens. [pdf]
  83. Snakes of Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  84. Malayan forest softshell turtle at Sime forest. [pdf]
  85. Spotted dove fledglings’ boisterous feeding behaviour. [pdf]
  86. Malayan colugo at Mandai Lake Road. [pdf]
  87. A juvenile sunbeam snake. [pdf]
  88. Green iguana at Kovan. [pdf]
  89. New record of white-faced pipefish in Singapore. [pdf]
  90. Crested honey buzzard mobbed by house crow. [pdf]
  91. First record of Nassarius biendongensis from Singapore. [pdf]
  92. New record of the nudibranch Tambja sagamiana in Singapore. [pdf]
  93. The snake pennywort Geophila repens at Mount Faber Park. [pdf]
  94. Common palm civet at Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  95. Life stages of the Malayan giant frog on Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  96. Juvenile flatfish at Keppel Bay Marina. [pdf]
  97. Horned crinoid crab in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  98. Cone snail Conus recluzianus at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  99. Threadfin sandperch off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  100. A xanthic giant African land snail at Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  101. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  102. Juvenile spiny terrapin at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  103. Hammerhead flatworm Bipalium cf. vagum in Singapore. [pdf]
  104. Malayan freshwater shrimps attacking forest halfbeak. [pdf]
  105. Puff-faced water snakes at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  106. New record of nudibranch Goniobranchus collingwoodi in Singapore. [pdf]
  107. Colour forms of the tapestry turban snail in Singapore waters. [pdf]
  108. Parasitic copepods infesting Cavite cardinal fish. [pdf]
  109. A blue button at Sisters Islands. [pdf]
  110. Rasbora notura at Lorong Banir stream. [pdf]
  111. Siberian thrush at Kent Ridge campus. [pdf]
  112. New record of triplebar razorfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  113. Redclaw crayfish at Mandai Lake Road. [pdf]
  114. Swallowtail moths Lyssa zampa mating. [pdf]
  115. Metamorphosis of the swallowtail moth Lyssa zampa. [pdf]
  116. African sailfin flying fish in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  117. Singapore black tarantula from Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  118. Barred kukri snakes at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  119. Swallowtail moths puddling beside forest streams. [pdf]
  120. Lesser whistling duck family at West Coast Park marsh pond. [pdf]
  121. Swallowtail moths probing tembusu flowers at Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  122. White’s tree frogs at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  123. A congregation of grey herons at Tengeh Reservoir. [pdf]
  124. Riau viviparous brotula at Pulau Sekudu. [pdf]
  125. Three non-native fishes in stream at Lorong Banir. [pdf]
  126. The cockroach Symploce quadripunctata at Bukit Timah forest. [pdf]
  127. Asian leaf terrapin at Lower Peirce. [pdf]
  128. Flathead goby at Rifle Range forest. [pdf]
  129. Coral cat-shark at Chek Jawa. [pdf]
  130. Longspine sea urchins with commensal fish and shrimps. [pdf]
  131. Spiny terrapins in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  132. Naked bulldog bat from Sembawang. [pdf]
  133. Lesser bumblebee goby in Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  134. Gray’s leaf insect on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  135. New record of many-eyed flounder in Singapore. [pdf]
  136. Asian brown tortoise in Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  137. White-spotted eagle ray at Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  138. Confirmed occurrence of the collare butterflyfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  139. Banded file snake at Pasir Ris mangroves. [pdf]
  140. Banded wolf snake at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  141. Sambar at Mandai. [pdf]
  142. Sunda pangolin at Mandai. [pdf]
  143. Cave nectar bat at Mandai. [pdf]
  144. Gold-ringed cat snake at Mandai. [pdf]
  145. Black marsh terrapin at Mandai. [pdf]
  146. Brown Spiny Rat carcass at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  147. Spot-tail sleeper-rays in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  148. Irrawaddy dolphin carcass at East Coast beach. [pdf]
  149. The burrowing cockroach Panesthia angustipennis at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  150. Eight-spotted crab-spiders at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  151. Giant Asian pond terrapin at Springside estate. [pdf]
  152. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin carcass at East Coast beach. [pdf]
  153. Broad-banded velvetchin in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  154. Common Malayan racer at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  155. Hammerhead flatworms at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  156. Banded file snakes at Pasir Ris mangroves. [pdf]
  157. Tree snail Amphidromus inversus at Tyersall forest. [pdf]
  158. Dog-toothed cat snake at Ulu Sembawang. [pdf]
  159. The forest cockroach Dorylaea heinzei in Singapore. [pdf]
  160. Silver demoiselle in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  161. Native fishes at the West Coast Park marsh pond. [pdf]
  162. Pink-headed reed snake at Venus Drive forest with a note on its bite. [pdf]
  163. Black-bearded flying dragon at Kampung Trail. [pdf]
  164. Striped sun skink basking at Thomson Ridge. [pdf]
  165. Tokay at Mandai. [pdf]
  166. Malayan water monitor lizards at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  167. Brown tree skinks at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  168. Paradise gliding snake carcass at urban Choa Chu Kang. [pdf]
  169. Unidentified wood-feeding fungus in a Melaleuca cajuputi tree. [pdf]
  170. Three species of termite in a Melaleuca cajuputi tree. [pdf]
  171. Macromphalus styliferina, a marine microsnail at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  172. Egg brooding behaviour of the spot-tail frogfish. [pdf]
  173. Kendall’s rock gecko at Thomson Ridge. [pdf]
  174. Russell’s lionfish at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  175. A collection of fishes from a lagoon at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  176. Giant clam shells ‘graveyard’ at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  177. Spiny terrapin scavenging on a bat carcass. [pdf]
  178. Humans as potential disperser of the arboreal snail Helicarion perfragilis. [pdf]
  179. A tick-infested reticulated python. [pdf]
  180. Giant Asian pond terrapin at Venus Drive forest. [pdf]
  181. Marbled cone snail at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  182. White-bellied blind snake at Ulu Sembawang. [pdf]
  183. Cockroach feeding on termites. [pdf]
  184. Probable predation of crab-eating water snake by common palm civet. [pdf]
  185. Last instar moult of dead leaf cockroach Pseudophoraspis nebulosa. [pdf]
  186. Red-eared slider in Hougang canal. [pdf]
  187. Haas’s Bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  188. Chinese softshell turtle at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  189. Tomato anemonefish off Lazarus-Seringat Island. [pdf]
  190. Australian cockroach at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  191. An apparently mating pair of whip-scorpions. [pdf]
  192. Basket star in the eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  193. Orange mud-crab at Pasir Ris mangrove. [pdf]
  194. Marbled gudgeon at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  195. Asian softshell turtles at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  196. Black snakeheads at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  197. Malaysian giant terrapin at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  198. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins off Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  199. Scissors-tail rasbora at Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  200. Pearl danio at Mandai. [pdf]
  201. Spotted wood owl at Clementi Woods. [pdf]
  202. Nesting of two species of resin bees (genus Megachile) in a wooden bench. [pdf]
  203. Sunda slow loris carcass along Mandai Road. [pdf]
  204. Sunda pangolin carcass at Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  205. Sunda colugo carcass at Bukit Drive. [pdf]
  206. New Singapore record of sea slug genus Noalda from Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  207. Flagfin wrasse at Terumbu Semakau. [pdf]
  208. Bearded leatherjacket from Changi. [pdf]
  209. Malayan water monitor lizards wrestling at Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  210. Peninsular rock gecko at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  211. Slender peacock bass at Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  212. Sumatran palm civet at Grange Road. [pdf]
  213. Singapore rat carcass at Old Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  214. Olive tree skink roadkill at Old Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  215. Moon wrasse off Kusu Island. [pdf]
  216. Blue-tailed dartfish sharing burrow with shrimp and goby. [pdf]
  217. Melibe nudibranchs at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  218. New record of the tasselled blenny in Singapore. [pdf]
  219. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis on an invasive Acacia tree. [pdf]
  220. Another case of human-assisted dispersal of the snail Helicarion perfragilis. [pdf]
  221. New record of the blackwater mud snake in Singapore. [pdf]
  222. A food item of the blackwater mud snake. [pdf]
  223. Chinese mitten crab at West Coast marsh pond. [pdf]
  224. African snail Limicolaria flammea at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  225. Successful hatching of red-eared sliders in Singapore. [pdf]
  226. Paradise gliding snake in an apartment at Hillview. [pdf]
  227. New record of mimic octopus in Singapore. [pdf]
  228. A gravid dwarf bumblebee catfish. [pdf]
  229. Kusu rock crabs at Pulau Senang. [pdf]
  230. Commensal animals of a soft coral tree in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  231. New record of sea slug Chelidonura amoena in Singapore. [pdf]
  232. New record of nudibranch Nembrotha lineolata in Singapore. [pdf]
  233. Banded leaf-monkeys at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  234. An apparently mating pair of Wagler’s pit-viper. [pdf]
  235. New record of peninsular bent-toed gecko in Singapore. [pdf]
  236. Blackspot sergeant at Sisters Island. [pdf]
  237. Lagoon shrimp-goby at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  238. New record of doubletooth soldierfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  239. Janss’ pipefish at Pulau Pawai. [pdf]
  240. Second record of the smooth slug snake in Singapore. [pdf]

Singapore Biodiversity Records 2013
  1. Stars-and-stripes pufferfish in Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  2. Banded krait on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  3. Freshwater clam Corbicula tweediei at Jurong Lake. [pdf]
  4. Land snail Cyclophorus semisulcatus rediscovered at Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  5. Sharksucker on tilapia host. [pdf]
  6. Spotted gar at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  7. Red giant gouramy at Singapore Quarry. [pdf]
  8. White-spotted slug snake on Punggol Island. [pdf]
  9. Albino Pugilina cochlidium from Pulau Subar Laut. [pdf]
  10. Variable reed snake attempting to swallow earthworm. [pdf]
  11. Plantain squirrel gathering mangrove algae. [pdf]
  12. A post-larval yellow soapfish. [pdf]
  13. Freshwater crab Irmengardia johnsoni eating caterpillar. [pdf]
  14. Black-spot barb at Woodlands pond. [pdf]
  15. A post-larval painted sweetlips. [pdf]
  16. Estuarine catfish Mystus gulio at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  17. Freshwater snail Stenophysa spathidophallus at Jurong. [pdf]
  18. Common treeshrew at Portsdown estate. [pdf]
  19. Hasselt’s bony-lipped barb at Lorong Banir. [pdf]
  20. Blue-spotted bush frog at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  21. Juvenile Asian arowana at Lower Peirce. [pdf]
  22. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  23. Müller’s spiny insect at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  24. Slime thread of the arboreal snail Helicarion perfragilis. [pdf]
  25. Sexual dimorphism in pill cockroach Perisphaerus sp.. [pdf]
  26. Brown spiny rat at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  27. Alien fishes at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  28. Yellowfin blenny at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  29. Green crested lizards mating. [pdf]
  30. Reticulate whipray at Chek Jawa. [pdf]
  31. Kacang-kacang (Aegiceras corniculatum) at Kranji. [pdf]
  32. Berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris) at Kranji. [pdf]
  33. Ipil (Intsia bijuga) at Kranji. [pdf]
  34. Ipil (Intsia bijuga) at Seletar Dam. [pdf]
  35. Mangrove lime (Merope angulata) at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  36. Smythea lanceata at Kranji. [pdf]
  37. Berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris) at Berlayar Creek. [pdf]
  38. Land snail Quantula striata feeding on carcass of conspecific. [pdf]
  39. Juvenile longfin batfish in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  40. Clouded monitor lizard eating garden supple skink. [pdf]
  41. Brock’s pipefish at Little Sister Island. [pdf]
  42. Clouded monitor lizards at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  43. Mangrove whip-ray at Semakau reef: a new record for Singapore. [pdf]
  44. Rainbow mud snakes at Kranji Marsh. [pdf]
  45. Bronze knifefish Notopterus notopterus at Kranji Marsh. [pdf]
  46. New record of velvetfish Paraploactis sp. in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  47. Body-wiping behaviour of black-eyed litter frog. [pdf]
  48. Paradise gliding snake preying on bamboo bat. [pdf]
  49. Malayan swamp skink Sphenomorphus sp. at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  50. Fishes of Kranji Marsh. [pdf]
  51. Land snail Geotrochus lychnia at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  52. African sharp-toothed walking catfish at Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  53. Snyder’s sandperch off Pulau Hantu: first Singapore record. [pdf]
  54. Some noteworthy reef fishes at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  55. New Singapore record of the seahorse, Hippocampus mohnikei. [pdf]
  56. Lowland dwarf gecko at Bidadari. [pdf]
  57. Spotted seahorses at Changi Beach. [pdf]
  58. Stinkhorn fungus, Dictyophora sp. at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  59. Longhorn cowfish at Semakau. [pdf]
  60. New Singapore records of two nudibranch species from Pulau Tekukor. [pdf]
  61. African snail Limicolaria flammea at Pandan canal. [pdf]
  62. Striped tree skink at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  63. Grey bonnet shell Phalium glaucum at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  64. New Singapore record of nudibranch genus Nembrotha. [pdf]
  65. Call of the masked swamp frog. [pdf, sound]
  66. Blue Malayan coral snake biting barred kukri snake. [pdf]
  67. Flying fish Parexocoetus sp. at Tanah Merah shore. [pdf]
  68. Curious find of an ivory whelk Babylonia areolata at Kranji mangroves. [pdf]
  69. Evermann’s snake-eel Ophichthus lithinus eating octopus. [pdf]
  70. Banded wolf snake at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  71. Pink-headed reed snake captured by buffy fish owl. [pdf]
  72. Long-nosed stargazers at Changi. [pdf]
  73. Two syntopic walking catfishes at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  74. Velvet worms in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  75. Leafless mistletoe Viscum articulatum on Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  76. Peacock bass in Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  77. Owl moth Erebus ephesperis visiting Hoya inflorescence. [pdf]
  78. Hasselt’s bony-lipped barb at Sime forest. [pdf]
  79. Dog-faced water snake attacking pufferfish. [pdf]
  80. Lowland dwarf gecko at Pasir Ris mangroves. [pdf]
  81. A record of the green turban Turbo marmoratus in Singapore. [pdf]
  82. Three noteworthy birds at Bidadari Park. [pdf]
  83. New Singapore record of the slit limpet Montfortista oldhamiana. [pdf]
  84. African sharp-toothed walking catfish at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  85. Cave fruit bat and mourning gecko on golden penda tree. [pdf]
  86. Midas cichlids at Yishun Pond. [pdf]
  87. Red pacu at Catchment Pond, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  88. Malayan giant frog at Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  89. Haas’s bronzeback at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  90. Dried leaf cockroach Pseudophoraspis nebulosa brooding behaviour. [pdf]
  91. Giant Asian pond terrapin at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  92. Two new Singapore records of the bivalve family Tellinidae. [pdf]
  93. Hasselt’s bony-lipped barb and zebra tilapia at Sime forest. [pdf]
  94. Cuban sliders at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  95. Giant Asian pond terrapin hatchling at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  96. New Singapore record of the scallop Semipallium flavicans. [pdf]
  97. Malayan bridle snakes at the Central Nature Reserves. [pdf]
  98. Spotted house gecko laying eggs. [pdf]
  99. Dusky langur at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  100. Shrimps and saddleback anemonefish on carpet anemone off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  101. Daldorfia horrida rediscovered in Singapore after a century. [pdf]

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