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Dead Animal Records In Singapore


Dead Animal Records In Singapore













Wildlife sightings of uncommon animals are rare in Singapore and sadly, more often than not, they show up dead as roadkill, or due to injury or old age. The body is still important for research and education. After all, this is a physical record of the species’ continued presence in Singapore. We can study the animals’ stomach contents to understand more about its diet, and DNA can be extracted from freshly dead specimens to be kept in the Museum’s cryo-facility for future analyses.

We depend on members of the public to act as our eyes on the ground, to alert us when they see wildlife carcasses in various corners of Singapore. We will try our best to retrieve them before their condition deteriorates in the tropical weather, or before they are removed by National Environment Agency. Due to logistical constraints, however, we may not be able to collect or accept all carcasses reported to us.

If you come across any dead wildlife, please let us know by filling in the web form below and email photos to nhmchua @

Note: The following information would be helpful:

  1. Location (e.g., Mandai Road west exit from Bukit Timah Expressway, next to a road sign for the Singapore Zoological Gardens, along side of road.)
  2. Date/Time (e.g., 11th June 2001, between 6.30am – 7.00am)
  3. Condition of carcass (e.g., head smashed in, rest of animal in fine condition.)
  4. Features that help you identify the carcass (e.g., scaly body, long, strong claws)

I agree to share my personal information with the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, NUS for the sole purpose of reporting this roadkill. (required)

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