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Public Talk by Undergraduate – Leshon Lee

Currently ClosedOpens on Tuesday from 10AM — 7PM

Public Talk by Undergraduate – Leshon Lee

Guess what’s been ruffling Polly’s feathers?

While birds are one of the most understood group of animals in the world, underneath their feathery exteriors lie an incredibly diverse and hidden community of parasites called avian lice. Join NUS undergraduate Leshon Lee as he explores the strange lives of these much neglected and maligned insects, and discover the roles they play in our ecosystem!

Venue: LKCNHM Learning Lab 2
Date/time: Friday, 28 June, 5-6 pm

This talk is free!

Please register at this link: http://tinyurl.com/avianlice

(Please note that the talk is now being hosted by Dr. Hwang Weisong)