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Scientist Feature: Dr Yang Chien-Hui

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Temasekia: 50 Plants and Animals Native to Singapore available in stores

Back by popular demand—Temasekia: 50 Plants and Animals Native to Singapore is on its second print run! The book is now available at the LKCNHM Museum Shop, NUS Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd (Science, LT27), Kinokuniya Singapore, Select Books and Nature’s Niche. More about the book: Temasekia: 50 Plants and Animals Native to Singapore celebrates the biodiversity of Singapore and discoveries throughout

The Jubilee Whale Charity Gala Dinner

On 20 Feb 2016, some museum staff were part of the Jubilee Whale Charity Gala dinner, where we announced the progress of our fund raising effort, and the opening of the sperm whale exhibit on 15 March 2016. The Jubilee Whale Charity Gala Dinner was a joint effort between Temasek Holdings, Mandai Safari Park Holdings, Wildlife

Lunar New Year Promotion 2016: Return of the Museum Roundtable Red Packet Giveaway

Update: Thank you for your interest in the Museum Roundtable Lunar New Year red packets! All LKCNHM red packets have been fully redeemed. Meanwhile, visitors are welcomed to recreate impressions of the red packets with the orangutan in the Biodiversity Gallery, and find out the reason for his expression. “Based on the incoming zodiac animal

LKCNHM featured in “Youths use their free time to go green”

The museum’s outreach and education unit was featured by Channel NewsAsia Singapore on 29 Dec 2014 in a spotlight on the environment and youths. Scientific Officer, Tammy Lim, spoke about how nature walks such as the Sunburst Environment Programme in Nov 2014 can help increase nature awareness and biodiversity conservation efforts among youths (from 4:01

Indopinnixa shellorum, A new species of crab described from Singapore!

A new crab species described from Singapore by our resident crab taxonomist, Professor Peter Ng (Head, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)! Described as Indopinnixa shellorum, they live in close association with sipunculan worms. This crab is also tiny, measuring only 4 mm across! It is no wonder why they have evaded detection for years, even

Taxidermy still thrives in Singapore (Channel News Asia)

In this short feature by Channel News Asia,  Professor Peter Ng (Head of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum) and Ms Kate Pocklington (our Conservator) shared their thoughts on taxidermy and the importance of taxidermy to science. This CNA feature was aired on 8th October 2014. Watch the video here on Channelnewsasia.com (link) By Dawn Karen