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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

[Event] C.S.I. Singapore: A Murder at the LKCNHM

Currently ClosedOpens on Thursday from 10AM — 5PM

[Event] C.S.I. Singapore: A Murder at the LKCNHM

Be a forensic detective for a day and learn how clues from nature can be used to solve a murder mystery!

Here’s the case:

The director of our museum has been found murdered. The police is on the case, investigating evidence found on the scene (blood, weapons, and drugs). However, they need your help to investigate more evidence that has been recovered: insects, pollen, and other nature-based clues.

As part of this two-hour long activity, you and your team of detectives will learn how natural sciences can be used in the context of an investigation, how detective work is carried out, and learn how even tiny organisms can be used to establish an alibi and help in solving cases.

Forensic science students from Australia will guide you through this journey of investigation, collection, examination, and analyses of evidence to reconstruct the crime scene and identify the real killer.

Sign up now and join us to identify the culprit and bring him/her to justice! Dates and details in the poster below.

Free programme for LKCNHM Members and Admission Ticket Holders only.

NUS staff and students are welcome to participate as well.