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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Playing a Part in COVID-19 Response Efforts

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Playing a Part in COVID-19 Response Efforts

In response to the spread of the novel Coronavirus during the earlier part of 2020, Singapore moved quickly to repurpose numerous venues across the island to isolate and care for the infected. During which, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum played a part in ensuring two such temporary accommodations were safe for use. An

Highlights of the LKCNHM5 Celebrations

Last Saturday, we celebrated our fifth anniversary during the ‘LKCNHM5 e-Celebrations’! The event was months in the making, and our staff successful hosted a suite of digital activities from 10 am to 3:30 pm over Zoom. It comprised a line-up of web-talks by our research and education staff, as well as a live cast of

September School Holidays: Edutainment Zoom Season 2!

The school holidays are back and so are our Edutainment Zoom sessions for children and young families! Every day from 8 September (Tuesday) to 12 September (Saturday), 4–5 pm, our staff and museum partners will be hosting a series of educational and entertaining web sessions via Zoom. Look forward to story-telling, dragonfly drawing, educational and

LKCNHM5: A Big Thank You to our Donors and Partners

5 September 2020 Today, as we celebrate the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum’s fifth anniversary, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their generosity in support of the LKCNHM5 Celebrations. A new plaque will be unveiled this afternoon to commemorate our main donors of the event. The LKCNHM 5th

LKCNHM5 e-Celebrations Programme

This year marks our fifth year of the Lee Kong Chian Natural Museum (LKCNHM) in the National University of Singapore. As we reflect back on the various milestones, achievements and challenges faced over the past five years since our official opening on 18 April 2015, we are grateful to the support of NUS, our museum

E-Book Launch: Voyagers, Explorers & Scientists

In January 1819, the ‘Indiana’ dropped anchor in Singapore, and Sir Stamford Raffles stepped ashore. Many Singaporeans have heard the story of Raffles’ founding, with William Farquhar, of a British settlement in Singapore. What is perhaps less known is that his expedition was also accompanied by two French naturalists, Pierre Médard Diard and Alfred Duvaucel.

SJADES 2018: Treasures from the Deep

Of Giant Significance A new species of deep-sea giant isopod, which was named Bathynomus raksasa, has been described by researchers from NUS and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). It is the first time that the genus Bathynomus has been collected in Indonesian waters and is also one of the largest known to science. Marine

Edutainment Zoom: Activities for Children!

As the school term progresses, stay curious and learn with us through our ‘Edutainment Zoom’ programme! Every Saturday, from 13 June to 1 August, our staff and Museum partners will be hosting a series of eight educational and entertaining web sessions for children and young families. With story-telling sessions, drawing, live demonstrations and more, these

E-Book Launch: 200 Points in Singapore’s Natural History

Exactly one year ago, LKCNHM launched the exhibition ‘200: a natural history’ to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. The exhibition chronicles 200 natural history events from the last two centuries of modern Singapore, filling the walls of the temporary gallery with specimens, images and anecdotes of animals, plants, events, places and people that have played important roles