Supplement Series No. 14 (31 January 2007)


Proceedings of the 7th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference


Kwang-Tsao Shao.
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Kent E. Carpenter
A short biography of Pieter Bleeker.

Pp. 5-6.

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Thomas J. Lisney, Michael B. Bennett and Shaun P. Collin
Volumetric analysis of sensory brain areas indicates ontogenetic shifts in the relative importance of sensory systems in Elasmobranchs.

Pp. 7-15.

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Nchumbeni Humtsoe, Reza Davoodi, B. G. Kulkarni and Bhavita Chavan
Effect of arsenic on the enzymes of the Rohu carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822).

Pp. 17-19.

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Vila S., Sabat M., Hernandez M. R. and Munoz M.
Intraovarian sperm storage in Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus: fertilization, crypt formation and maintenance of stored sperm.

Pp. 21-27.

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Youichi Hayakawa, Makito Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Munehara, Akihiko Watanabe and Kazuo Onitake
Spermatogenesis involving parasperm production in the marine cottoid fish, Hemilepidotus gilberti.

Pp. 29-35.

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Martien J. P. van Oijen, Vicente V. Faria and Matthew T. McDavitt
The curious holotype of Pristis dubius Bleeker, 1852 and the unravelling of Bleeker's sawfish taxonomy.

Pp. 37-49.

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Brian Wade D. Jamandre, Kang Ning Shen, Apolinario V. Yambot and Wann Nian Tzeng
Molecular phylogeny of Philippine freshwater eels Anguilla sp. (Actinopterygi: Anguilliformes: Anguillidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA.

Pp. 51-59.

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Jui-Hsien Wu, Chi-Hsin Hsu, Lee-Shing Fang and I-Shiung Chen
The molecular phylogeography of Candidia barbata species complex (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Taiwan.

Pp. 61-67.

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I-Shiung Chen and Yung-Ching Chang
Taxonomic revision and mitochondrial sequence evolution of the cyprinid genus Squalidus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in Taiwan with description of a new species.

Pp. 69-76.

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Kui-Ching Hsu, Jeng-Ping Chen and Kwang-Tsao Shao
Molecular phylogeny of Chaetodon (Teleostei: Chaetodontidae) in the Indo-West Pacific: evolution in geminate species pairs and species groups.

Pp. 77-86.

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Hsuan-Ching Ho and Kwang-Tsao Shao
A new species of Halieutopsis (Lophiiformes: Ogcocephalidae) from Western North and Eastern Central Pacific Ocean.

Pp. 87-92.

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Hisashi Imamura and Tetsuo Yoshino
Ryukyupercis, a new genus of pinguipedid fish for the species Parapercis gushikeni (Teleostei: Perciformes) based on the phylogenetic relationships of the family.

Pp. 93-100.

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Shih-Pin Huang and I-Shiung Chen
Three new species of Rhinogobius Gill, 1859 (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the Hanjiang Basin, Southern China.

Pp. 101-110.

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Xiaoyu Kong, Jianzhong Yu, Lishi Zhou and Ziniu Yu
Comparative analysis of 5'-end sequence of the mitochondrial control region of six flatfish species (Pleuronectidae) from the yellow sea.

Pp. 111-120.

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Frank J. Schwartz
Tail spine characteristics of stingrays (Order Myliobatiformes) frequenting the FAO fishing area 61 (20N 120E - 50N 150E) of the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Pp. 121-130.

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Daniel P. Fahy, Richard E. Spieler and William C. Hamlett
Preliminary observations on the reproductive cycle and uterine fecundity of the yellow stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis(Elasmobranchii: Myliobatiformes: Urolophidae) in Southeast Florida, U.S.A.

Pp. 131-139

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Alex A. Briones, Apolinario V. Yambot, Jen-Chieh Shiao, Yoshiyuki Iizuka and Wann-Nian Tzeng
Migratory pattern and habitat use of tropical eels Anguilla sp. (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Anguillidae) in the Philippines, as revealed by otolith microchemistry.

Pp. 141-149.

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Lii-Chang Chung, Hsing-Juh Lin, Shao-Pin Yo, Chyng-Shyan Tzeng and Cheng-Hsiung Yang
Stage-structured population matrix models for the Formosan landlocked salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus) in Taiwan.

Pp. 151-160.

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Russell J. Schmitt and Sally J. Holbrook.
Predicting the magnitude of temporal variation in young-of-year class strength of surfperch (Teleostei: Embiotocidae).

Pp. 161-166.

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Naoto Hirakawa, Naoki Suzuki, Yoji Narimatsu, Toshiro Saruwatari and Atsushi Ohno
The spawning and settlement season of Chlorophthalmus albatrossis along the Pacific coast of Japan.

Pp. 167-170.

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Morgan S. Pratchett
Dietary selection by coral-feeding butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae) on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Pp. 171-176.

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Andrey V. Suntsov
Brotulotaenia (Teleostei: Ophidiiformes) larval development revisited: an apparently new type of mimetic resemblance in the epipelagic ocean.

Pp. 177-186.

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Alexei M. Tokranov and Alexei M. Orlov
Some biological features of rare and poorly-studied sculpins (Cottidae, Hemitripteridae, Psychrolutidae) in the Pacific Waters off the Northern Kuril Islands and Southeastern Kamchatka, Russian Federation.

Pp. 187-198.

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Ken Maeda, Nozomi Yamasaki and Katsunori Tachihara
Size and age at recruitment and spawning season of sleeper, genus Eleotris (Teleostei: Eleotridae) on Okinawa Island, Southern Japan.

Pp. 199-207.

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Nozomi Yamasaki, Ken Maeda and Katsunori Tachihara
Pelagic larval duration and morphology at recruitment of Stiphodon percnopterygionus (Gobiidae: Sicydiinae).

Pp. 209-214.

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Kui-Ching Hsu, Nien-Tsu Shih, I-Hsun Ni and Kwang-Tsao Shao
Genetic variation in Trichiurus lepturus (Perciformes: Trichiuridae) in waters off Taiwan: several species or cohort contribution?

Pp. 215-220.

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Alexei M. Orlov and Alexei M. Tokranov
Distribution and some biological features of four poorly studied deep benthic flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes: Pleuronectidae) in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Pp. 221-235.

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Kazunori Arayama and Hiroshi Kohno
How do teraponids utilize the reflective sandy beach?

Pp. 237-243.

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Andrew J. Brooks, Sally J. Holbrook and Russell J. Schmitt
Patterns of microhabitat use by fishes in the patch-forming coral Porites rus.

Pp. 245-254.

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Daniel Golani and Amit Lerner
A long-term study of the sandy shore ichthyofauna in the Northern Red Sea (Gulf Of Aqaba) with reference to adjacent mariculture activity.

Pp. 255-264.

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Vladimir I. Radchenko
Mesopelagic fish community supplies, a biological pump.

Pp. 265-271.

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Rong-Quen Jan, Yi-Ta Shao, Fang-Pang Lin, Tung-Yung Fan, Yueh-Yuan Tu, Hsien-Shiow Tsai and Kwang-Tsao Shao
An underwater camera system for real-time coral reef fish monitoring.

Pp. 273-279.

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