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Camacinia gigantea (Brauer, 1867)

Species:C. gigantea
Common Names:Sultan


This is the largest dragonfly in the family Libelluidae. In males, the hindwing is 44 to 48 mm in length and the total body length ranges from 53 to 56 mm. The male has a dark red body and the wing is dark red except for the distal one-third. The female is slightly larger and is yellow in colour. The basal wing colouring of females is pale and less extensive than that of the male.

In wing pattern and colour, it is superficially quite similar to the males of the common Neurothemis fluctuans but Camacinia gigantea is twice as large and very different in flight.

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Distributed from northern India through tropical South-east Asia to New Guinea.


Widespread in Singapore. Found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Pulau Ubin, Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Garden, Sungei buloh Wetland Reserve, Western Catchment, Sentosa and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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General Biology

This rare but widespread species lives in open ponds and quarry lakes. It has been found at forest edges near quarries.

Aduults fly rapidly and are hard to catch. They wander far from their breeding sites and over a wide range, perching infrequently, often in a vertical position. They prefer stagnant ponds, often with rubbish and debris.


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