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A Step Closer to Solving A 100-Year Mystery

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A Step Closer to Solving A 100-Year Mystery

  Mammalogists may be one step closer towards solving a conundrum that has been a subject of much uncertainty for almost a hundred years—on whether Tragulus williamsoni, or Williamson’s mouse-deer, is a valid and distinct species. Mouse-deer, or chevrotains are some of the world’s smallest hoofed animals. Research findings by mammalogists Dr. Erik Meijaard, Mr.

Visiting Scientist Feature: Dr. Daniel Edison M. Husana

Recently, we hosted Dr. Daniel Edison M. Husana, associate professor from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, who was here to examine freshwater crab specimens in the Zoological Reference Collection (ZRC). Dr. Husana’s research focuses on animals that reside in caves, such as cave crabs and cave fish. Adventurous Spirit Why cave animals (troglobites/stygobites)?

Results of ExxonMobil Endangered Species and Conservation Programme Documentary Making and Poster Design Competition 2017

The ExxonMobil Endangered Species and Conservation Programme aims to increase public biodiversity and conservation awareness of Southeast Asian biodiversity. Under this fully sponsored programme, participants attend a customised 3-hour workshop, where they spend the first two hours learning about endangered species and threats that affect their survival. During the last hour, participants are encouraged to

Harryplax severus and the Twenty-year-old Secret

A secret that evaded detection for almost 20 years has finally been uncovered, with the discovery of Harryplax severus. Sorry to disappoint all the ‘Potterheads’ out there, but this is not a synopsis of a new Harry Potter spin-off. Rather, it is a tale of how a new species of crab was discovered by LKCNHM

Love Gone Wild at Pulau Ubin!

Love was in the air last Saturday at Pulau Ubin! On 14 February 2015, the outreach and education team of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum brought some couples and friends out for an exclusive romance-themed exploration of Pulau Ubin. For this Valentine’s Day special, participants explored the Sensory Trail with our guides, where they had a chance

LKCNHM featured in “Youths use their free time to go green”

The museum’s outreach and education unit was featured by Channel NewsAsia Singapore on 29 Dec 2014 in a spotlight on the environment and youths. Scientific Officer, Tammy Lim, spoke about how nature walks such as the Sunburst Environment Programme in Nov 2014 can help increase nature awareness and biodiversity conservation efforts among youths (from 4:01

Join us for our December Holiday Programmes

Learn about biodiversity and natural history with us this December holiday! Limited places are available. To sign up or find out more, please contact: Ms Tammy Lim (nhmlimt@nus.edu.sg). 1. Under the Sea! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Which fairytale princess traded in her tail for legs? Many of the characters from children’s

LKCNHM June Holiday Programmes

Want some nature and biodiversity-related activities this June holiday? Join us for our June holiday programmes at Changi Beach and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to learn more about our rich biodiversity in Singapore! Limited places are available. For enquiries, please contact: Ms Tammy Lim (nhmlimt@nus.edu.sg).