Current Exhibition


200: a natural history

04 June 2019 – December 2020


As part of Singapore’s Bicentennial, LKCNHM reflects upon 200 significant natural history events in the island’s past. These interweaving, and sometimes quirky, threads of animals, plants, events, places and people have played an important role in shaping the country’s natural heritage.

It is hoped the exhibits will not only inform but also excite, showcasing how interesting our history has been, and perhaps inspire us to greater heights in the future.

Cutting through the boundaries of natural history, an array of specimens, ethnographic materials and illustrations guide the visitor through the expanding understanding of our own natural history and heritage.


Highlights of the Exhibition

200: Points in Singapore’s Natural History

Visitors will learn how adaptations within the cultural environment of natural history heritage have moved and changed towards a moral understanding of the natural world. As each year adopts a focal point, a journey over the wide selection of plants, animals, and geography is captured.

LKCNHM’s historical and modern natural history collections are showcased and presented alongside anecdotes and quotes from both local and international scientists of past and present.

Interactive Station

Incorporating an interactive station for visitors to engage with, try your hand at interpreting a description of an animal in the days before photography.

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