Marine Ecology

This three-hour museum workshop involves learning about Singapore’s coastal habitats and marine life, with a hands-on practical using museum specimens.


This workshop aims to introduce the marine ecosystem with emphasis on the coral reefs and mangroves of Singapore. Participants will learn characteristics of the marine environment (including physical factors and ecosystem services), adaptations, interrelationships, and value of various marine organisms. Issues and threats faced by the marine environment, as well as the importance of its conservation will also be discussed. There will also be opportunities to handle actual museum specimens such as the knobbly seastar, cowrie, stingray, horseshoe crab, and nudibranch.


Cost Per Pax
Starting From
Cost is inclusive of gallery tour, use of specimens and materials, instructors' and coordinating fees. 7% GST is applicable to all charges.
Instructor to student ratio is 1:20
Recommended for students of secondary level and above.
Minimum group size: 20

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