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Scientist Feature: Earl of Cranbrook

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New findings on the fore-leg evolution of assassin bugs

Assassin bugs (Reduviidae) have evolved a rich arsenal of weaponry for prey capture in their 178 million years of diversification. With about 7,000 known species worldwide, the corresponding variety of strategies to take down their next meal consist of lethal combinations of deceit and different ways to incapacitate their prey. A team of researchers, including

Hwang Wei Song at the Biodiversity Research Symposium 2014

LKCNHM museum officer, Hwang Wei Song, gave a talk at the Biodiversity Research Symposium 2014 organised by NParks at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Botany Centre. Wei Song spoke about the assassin bug (Reduviidae) research conducted by his students and himself on the diversity of this insect family in Singapore, as well as their natural history. Preliminary assessment shows a wide