Research Staff

Professor Ng Kee Lin, Peter

Crustacean and fish systematics
Department of Biological Sciences profile

6516 6282
Deputy Head
Associate Professor Darren Yeo

Freshwater biodiversity and ecology
Aquatic invasions
Freshwater decapod crustaceans

6516 2709
Dr Tan Heok Hui

Senior Manager
Curator of Ichthyology

6516 1662
Dr Lai Chiu Yun, Joelle

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Crustacea Systematics

6601 3159
Dr Hwang Wei Song

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Entomology (Heteropteran Systematics)
Curator of Insects & Other Terrestrial Arthropods Collection

6601 7354
Dr Jose Christopher E. Mendoza

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Carcinology, Decapod Crustacean Systematics

6601 3432
Dr Yuchen Ang

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Entomology (Dipteran Systematics), Cybertaxonomic initiatives
Curator of Insects (Diptera)

6601 6035
Dr Chan Kin Onn

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Herpetology (Systematics and Evolution)
Curator of Amphibians & Reptiles

6516 3027
Dr Ng Ting Hui

Museum Officer (Lecturer)
Freshwater gastropods, aquatic invasions

Curator of Freshwater Molluscs & Worms Collections

6601 3227
Mr Chua Aik Hwee Marcus

Museum Officer (Instructor)
Mammal Biodiversity

Dr Wendy Wang

Scientific Officer

Curator of Entomological Collections (Hymenoptera)

6601 7371
Mr Lim Kok Peng, Kelvin

Curator of Vertebrate Collections

Mr Tan Siong Kiat

Curator of Molluscs, Worms & Other Invertebrate Collections

Ms Iffah Binte Iesa

Curator of Cnidarian, Echinoderm & Microscope Slide Collections

Mr Chua Keng Soon

Curator of herbarium

6516 7057
Mr Foo Maosheng

Curator of cryogenic collection

6601 3849
Ms Lee Khek Yan

Specialist Associate (Collections)

Mr Muhammad Dzaki Bin Safaruan

Specialist Associate (Collections)

Ms Siti Maimon Binte Hussin

Specialist Associate (Collections)

Mr Ruzaini Bin Ghazali

Specialist Associate (Collections)

Mr Leon Tan Le On

Specialist Associate (Collections)

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