The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Volume 52(2)

Licuanan, W.Y., & Capili, E.B
New records of stony corals from the Philippines previously known from peripheral areas of the Indo-Pacific

Pp. 285-288

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James, S.W.
New species of Amynthas, Pheretima and Pleionogaster (Clitellata: Megascolecidae) of the Mt.Kitanglad range, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Pp. 289-313

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Shamshev, I.V. & Grootaert, P.
A review of the genus Stilpon Loew, 1859 (Empidoidea: Hybotidae) from the Oriental Region

Pp. 315-346

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Yang, D. & Grootaert, P.
Revision of the species of Syneches from Guangdong (Diptera: Empidoidea: Hybotinae)

Pp. 347-350

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Gao, C. & Yang, D.
A review of the genus Homoneura from Guangxi, China (Diptera: Lauxaniidae)

Pp. 351-364

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Liu, Z.-Q., Yang, C.-K. & Shen , Z.R.
A study of the genus Heteroconis Enderlein (Insecta: Neuroptera: Coniopterygidae) with four new species from mainland China

Pp. 365-372

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Qiao, G.-X. & Zhang, G.-X
Review of the genus Takecallis Matsumura (Homoptera: Aphididae: Myzocallidinae) from China and description of one new species

Pp. 373-378

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Cai, W., Cai, X. & Wang, Y.
Notes on the genus Sphedanolestes Stal (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Harpactorinae) from China, with the description of three new species

Pp. 379-388

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Zettel, H. & Yang, C.M
New Oriental species and subspecies of Hydrometra Latreille (Heteroptera: Hydrometridae)

Pp. 389-398

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Tso, I-M. & Chen, J.
Descriptions of three new and six new record wolf spider species from Taiwan (Arachnida: Araneae: Lycosidae)

Pp. 399-411

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Peng, X.-J., Li, S. & Yang, Z.-Z.
The jumping spiders from Dali, Yunnan, China (Araneae: Salticidae)

Pp. 413-417

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Tu, L. & Li, S.
A preliminary study of erigonine spiders (Linyphiidae: Erigoninae) from Vietnam.

Pp. 419-433

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Lim, M.L.M. & Li, D
Courtship and male-male agonistic behaviour of Cosmophasis umbratica Simon, an ornate jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae) from Singapore

Pp. 435-448

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Chan, B.K.K
First record of the parasitic barnacle Sacculina scabra Boschma, 1931 (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Rhizocephala) infecting the shallow water swimming crab Charybdis truncata

Pp. 449-453

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Hou, Z.-E & Li, S.
Two new freshwater species of the genus Jesogammarus (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Anisogammaridae) from China

Pp. 455-466

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Watson, M.J., Lowry, J.K. & Steinberg, P.D.
Revision of the Iciliidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda)

Pp. 467-495

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Cleva, R.
Stylodactylidae and Bathypalaemonellidae from Taiwan (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea)

Pp. 497-511

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Li, X., Bruce, A.J. & Manning, R.B.
Some palaemonid shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) from northern South China Sea, with descriptions of two new species

Pp. 513-553

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Naruse, T., Shokita, S. & Shy, J.-Y.
A new species of the freshwater crab, previously assigned to Geothelphusa miyazakii (Miyake & Chiu, 1965) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Potamidae), from Yaeyama group, Southern Ryukyus, Japan

Pp. 555-562

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Clark, P.F., Ng, P.K.L. & Ho, P.-H
Atergatis subdentatus (De Haan, 1835), Atergatopsis germaini A. Milne Edwards, 1865 andPlatypodia eydouxi (A. Milne Edwards, 1865) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Xanthoidae: Xanthidae; Zosiminae) - first stage zoeal descriptions with implications for the subfamily

Pp. 563-592

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Omar M. Amin, Heckmann, R.A. & Nguyen Van Ha.
On the immature stages of Pallisentis (Pallisentis) celatus (Acanthocephala: Quadrigyuridae) from occasional fish hosts in Vietnam

Pp. 593-598

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Kaczmarek, L. & Michalczyk, L.
A new species Bryodelphax asiaticus (Tardigrada: Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae) from Mongolia (Central Asia)

Pp. 599-602

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White, W.T., Fahmi, Muhammad Adrim & Kurnaen Sumadhiharga
A juvenile megamouth shark Megachasma pelagios (Lamniformes: Megachasmidae) from northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Pp. 603-607

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Leong, T.M.
Larval descriptions of some poorly known tadpoles from Peninsular Malaysia (Amphibia: Anura)

Pp. 609-620

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David, P., Teynié, A. & Ohler, A.
A new species of Cyrtodactylus Gray, 1827 (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) from southern Laos

Pp. 621-627

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Das, I.
A new species of Dixonius (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from southern Vietnam

Pp. 629-634

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David, P. & Pauwels, O.S.G.
A re-evaluation of the taxonomy of Macrocalamus lateralis Günther, 1864 (Serpentes: Colubridae), with the descriptions of two new species

Pp. 635-645

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Nijman, V.
Survey on birds of prey and owls (Falconiformes and Strigiformes) on Bawean, Java Sea, with records of three species new to the island

Pp. 647-651

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Motokawa, M., Lin, L.-K. & Lu, K.-H
Geographic variation in cranial features of the Polynesian rat Rattus exulans (Peale, 1848) (Mammalia: Rodentia: Muridae)

Pp. 653-663

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Meijaard, E.
Craniometric differences among Malayan sun bears (Ursus malayanus); evolutionary and taxonomic implications.

Pp. 665-672

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Ahyong, S.T. & O’Meally, D.
Phylogeny of the Decapoda Reptantia: Resolution using three molecular loci and morphology

Pp. 673-693

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Ohler, A., Teynié, A. & David, P.
A green-eyed Leptobrachium (Anura: Megophyridae) from southern Laos

Pp. 695-700

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Author Index Volume 52(2004)

Pp. 701-705

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