Instructions for Contributors

To contribute records of the flora and fauna in Singapore, simply fill up the form in the attached Word file (here), then send the completed file by e-mail to Kelvin Lim at Such records should be original and unpublished, and may include sightings of uncommon or rare species (including non-native ones), and noteworthy observations of behaviour.

Each observation will require separate forms.

The information we require on the form is as follows:


common name/s of the subject/s and the general location.


English name (if available), scientific name (if known), general taxonomic grouping (class, order and family, if known). Can include more than one subject if all are components of the same observation at the same location.


person who identified the subject (may be different from contributor).


should be as detailed as possible, or much less so if location is considered sensitive or subject is prone to exploitation. Please note that observations from the previous years are fully acceptable.


name of habitat type; other information may include type of substrate, type of vegetation, elevation of subject, water depth, weather during period of observation, etc.


person or persons who observed the subject/s and behaviour (may not include the contributor).


general to detailed description of what the subject/s was/were doing. Should include number (or estimated number) of subject/s, size (or estimated size) of subject/s, gender of subject/s (if known), position of subject/s and duration of observation.


optional. This may be furnished by the editors.


only if cited in Remarks. This may be provided by the editors.

[Attach digital image or images in this space. These must be photographs of the actual subject/s under observation. Kindly ensure that each image is around 1 MB.]

© enter name of photographer (who may or may not be the contributor)


name of person or persons who filled the form


e-mail address of the contributor or main contributor.


Please note that the copyright of the image will remain with the respective photographer. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum will not use these images elsewhere without first obtaining permission from the photographer. Records without photographic evidence will not be accepted for publication.

The editors may forward submissions to relevant experts for their opinion and verification of taxon identity, and authors may thus be required to respond accordingly. The editors will select records for publication in the web bulletin ‘Singapore Biodiversity Records’.

The contents of the file you sent may be subjected to editing. The edited file will then be sent back to the contributor for proof-reading and approval. Once the contributor gives his/her approval, we will convert the document to pdf format for permanent placement on the Singapore Biodiversity Records webpage.

Due to workload and space constraints, we will not be able to publish each and every contribution. The editors will decide on which contribution to convert to pdf and place on the webpage. To the readers who do not find their contribution on the webpage, we will offer an explanation and our apologies.

Each of the entries may be cited elsewhere as per the following example:
Tan, S. K. & K. K. P. Lim, 2013. White-spotted slug snake on Punggol Island. Singapore Biodiversity Records2013: 8.

We at ‘Singapore Biodiversity Records’ look forward to your enthusiastic support!

Thank you!

Kelvin K. P. Lim, Tan Siong Kiat and Chua Keng Soon

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