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Berlayer Creek


Berlayer Creek was named after a historic rock formation, Batu Berlayer ('Sail Rock' in Malay), that stood at its mouth to the sea. The 5.61 ha creek is part of the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk and currently contains one of two remaining mangroves in the south of mainland Singapore. The 960 m Berlayer Creek Mangrove Trail boardwalk also runs through rocky shores and mudflats, and is connected to the Alexandra Road Garden Trail on one end and the Bukit Chermin Harbour View Walk on the other end.

Before entering Berlayer Creek, there is a sheltered pavilion located just outside Labrador Park MRT station. The pavillion’s roof deck allows visitors to enjoy an elevated treetop view of Berlayer Creek. There are also look-out points along the boardwalk to allow visitors to get a closer look at the biodiversity. Visitors along the trail will be able to better appreciate the flora and fauna in the area with information storyboards located at key points.

Berlayer Creek is home to a myriad of fauna and flora. About 60 bird species, 19 fish species and 14 true mangrove plant species have been recorded. Along the boardwalk, visitors will get a chance to see the Bakau Pasir (Rhizophora stylosa) and the Nypah Palm (Nypa fruticans)—both are vulnerable mangrove plants.

Berlayer Creek also has a good variety of molluscs; about 50 species has been recorded. This includes the Pythia scarabaeus, a species of snail found only on back mangrove plants. At low tide, visitors can look out for the Giant Mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri), sponges, anemones and other marine animals. Birds such as Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) and Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis) perching among the trees or soaring in the sky.

How to get there
Berlayer Creek is conveniently located near the Labrador Park MRT station on the Circle Line.

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