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Tampines Eco Green


Tampines Eco Green is a 2.5 ha eco-friendly park designed for nature recreation and boasts a viewing platform, an eco-toilet, vegetated swales (natural drainage system that traps particulate pollutants), bird hides, and green roofs
on all the rest shelters and toilet. The trails are also laid with soft grass rather than concrete.

The park comprises various natural habitats, namely open grasslands, freshwater wetlands, and secondary forest. Much of its original landscape and plants were retained in the development of the park. Even the dead trees in the park that are sited away from footpaths were also not removed as these serve as important nest sites for birds such as woodpeckers. Trees and plants that produce abundant nectar and fruit, as well as tall grasses, were introduced to attract more birds, butterflies and other animals to the park.

About 70 species of woodlands and open country birds including bee-eaters, woodpeckers, dollarbirds, sunbirds, munias, etc., 13 species of dragonflies, 12 species of butterflies, and 32 species of spiders, including a new spider record for Singapore, Sphingius vivax (family Corinnidae) have been recorded at Tampines Eco Green.

Getting there

The park can be reached by the park connector to Tampines Biking Trail and through Sun Plaza Park. The nearest MRT station is Tampines and it is a 20 minutes walk from there, via Sun Plaza Park.

Other Resources

National Parks Board, Singapore. 2012. Tampines Eco Green. http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/index.php?option=com_news&task=view&id=256&Itemid=50. (Accessed October 2012).

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