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Loyang Creek


Loyang Creek, also known as Sungei Loyang, is located on the eastern side of Singapore. It spans from Pasir Ris Walk (along Pasir Ris Drive 3) out to the sea on the eastern end of Pasir Ris beach, with the mouth facing the southern edge of Pulau Ubin. The area along the eastern bank of the river has been developed as an industrial estate, while the western bank has remained relatively untouched as a forested area.

Loyang Creek is open to tidal influence. A small patch of mangrove is present along the creek and it is home to the nationally critically endangered mangrove Pisang Pisang Laut (Kandelia candel), Bruguiera hainesii, and other mangrove flora and fauna. The rare Arthur’s Midget Damselfly (Mortonagrion arthuri) has also been found along the river bank.

Getting there

Bus services 5, 6 and 89 runs along the main road of Pasir Ris Drive 3.

Other Resources

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