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Central Catchment Nature Reserve


Adjacent to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR), the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR), at over 2000 ha, is the largest nature reserve in Singapore. Both the Reserves are presently protected under the Parks & Trees Act 2005, for the conservation of Singapore's native flora and fauna. Together, they comprise the approximately 3043-ha Central Nature Reserve. 

The majority of primary rainforest patches, totaling just over 150 ha, is largely found around MacRitchie Reservoir. The forest type that occurs in the CCNR is classified as a lowland dipterocarp forest, exemplified by characteristic plants including Keruing (Dipterocarpus spp.), Meranti (Shorea spp.), and Jelutong (Dyera costulata).
Recreational areas in the CCNR comprise the following reservoirs: MacRitchie, Lower Peirce, Upper Peirce, and Upper Seletar. Within the Reserve’s boundaries lie also the 87-ha Nee Soon Swamp Forest (NSSF), the last of its kind in Singapore, situated southeast of Upper Seletar Reservoir. Just southwest of NSSF is the out-of-bounds Nee Soon Firing Range, used by the Ministry of Defence for live-firing exercises.
The BTNR and CCNR once comprised a single forest fragment, but were split into two by the construction of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) 25 years ago. In 2005, a proposition to re-link the two reserves—so as to aid dispersal of forest plants and animals—via a bridge was mooted. Six years later, in July 2011, work commenced on the Eco-Link@BKE. The eco-link is expected to be completed in 2013.
Getting there
For information on visiting the CCNR, please refer to the ‘Getting there’ sections for the relevant reservoirs (hyperlinked above).


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