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Admiralty Park


Admiralty Park is situated in the north of Singapore, bounded by Admiralty Road West, Riverside Road, and Woodlands Avenue 9. The total area of this park is 27 ha, including 7 ha of urban park while the other 20 ha is natural area consisting of secondary forest, freshwater swamp and ponds, mangrove forest, and grassland. The park also has a river, Sungei Cina, running through it.

Visitors to the park can enjoy the facilities of a fitness corner, cycling tracks and a 2 km walking trail that incorporates three bridges crossing over Sungei Cina, linking the different habitats. The various habitats are home to many different flora and fauna.

Along the ponds, visitors can find the Narrowleaf Cattail (Typha angustifolia), Pipewort (Eriocaulon longifolium) and Subsuban (Polygonum barbatum). In the mangrove forest, there are various mangroves trees such as Nypah Palm (Nypa fruticans) and the endangered Fish Killer Tree (Barringtonia racemosa) as well as various mangrove animals, such as the Giant Mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri). Long-tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis) can also be seen feeding in the mangrove forest. This population of macaques is possibly one of the few that is still surviving in a riverine mangrove forest in Singapore.

In the open grassland, visitors may encounter various birds such as Baya Weavers (Ploceus philippinus), Paddyfield Pipits (Anthus rufulus) and Zitting Cisticolas (Cisticola juncidis), Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius schach), Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata), etc. Also found in the park are the rare Arthur's Midget Damselfly (Mortonagrion arthuri), the Blue Dasher Dragonfly (Brachydiplax chalybea), Hedgehog Rattan (Calamus erinaceus), and the Common Kelat (Syzygium lineatum).

Getting there
The nearest MRT station is Woodlands station. Admiralty Park is about a 15 minutes walk away from the station.

Alternatively, visitors can take bus service 169 from Woodlands Bus Interchange to the South Entrance of the park near Republic Polytechnic; or bus service 903 and alight along Riverside Road after Republic Polytechnic.

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  • A checklist of Orthoptera in Singapore parks.
    Tan, M. K., R. W. J. Ngiam & M. R. B. Ismail (06 Mar 2012)

    The diversity of Orthoptera of urban parks in Singapore is inventorised. At least 61 species of Orthoptera were recorded from eight parks: Admiralty Park, Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West, Bukit Batok Nature Park, East Coast Park, Kent Ridge Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, Pasir Ris Park, and Sengkang Riverside Park.

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