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Khatib Bongsu


Khatib Bongsu used to be a village situated by the side of Sungei Khatib, near Yishun (north of Singapore). It is now more or less an uninhabitated area, with its last village residents evicted in 2007. The Singapore Armed Forces also has a training ground in the vicinity. Khatib Bongsu is dominated by mangrove forests and mudflats. Unlike mangrove habitats found in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, this nature area is not protected. In fact, it was apparently earmarked for further development, with plans of having the Sungei Khatib Bongsu dammed. Its destiny is currently uncertain.

Khatib Bongsu is an idyllic rural area which attracts many birdwatchers, joggers, cyclists and fishing enthusiasts. Birds such as herons and egrets are seen nesting in this area. During migratory season, one can also find plenty wintering bird species making a stop here in the mangroves. Some of the mangrove plants growing in the mangroves here include the Dungun (Heritiera littoralis) and the Mangrove Cannonball (Xylocarpus granatum).

Getting there

Khatib Bongsu is located off Yishun Avenue 6. The nearest train station is the Yishun MRT Station. From the station, one can board the bus service 811 at the Yishun Bus Interchange and alight at Block 245. From there, Khatib Bongsu is a 5- to 10-minute walk away via Lorong Mayang or Lorong Akar, off Yishun Avenue 6.

If you wish to trek or cycle there, the place is reachable via the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector, which starts from the junction of Yishun Avenue 1 and Avenue 2 and links to Yishun Park. From there, follow the Park Connector that runs along Sungei Khatib Bongsu until you reach your destination.

Other Resources

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