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Pulau Sekudu


Pulau Sekudu, also known as 'Frog Island', is a tiny island off the coast of Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. Due to its proximity, one can see it from the Chek Jawa boardwalk. Its name originated from a legend in which a frog, an elephant and a pig challenged each other to swim across the Straits of Johore. Unfortunately, all of them drowned and are turned into rocks. The frog eventually formed the island 'Sekudu' while the pig and elephant formed the larger neighbouring island, Ubin.

Similar to Pulau Ubin, this island is also made up of granite batholiths, formed  during the Mesozoic Era (about 260 million years ago). The intertidal area around the island is abundant with a plethora of organisms, especially nudibranchs or sea slugs in various shapes and colours. This includes the Ornate Leaf Slug (Elysia ornata) and Denison's Nudibranch (Dendrodoris denisoni). There are also flatworms, seahorses and seastars to be found in the seagrass patches, which is a dominant habitat here.

Though restricted in terms of visitation, the islet experiences some levels of human disturbance. This is because it is situated very near to a major shipping lane and fishermen are seen frequently laying nets and traps around the area.

Getting there

Due to it being in the vicinity of the protected Chek Jawa wetlands, special permission from the National Parks Board (NParks) is required in order to visit the island. Pulau Sekudu is only reachable by boat. One can take a boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

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