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Tringa nebularia (Gunnerus, 1767)

Species:T. nebularia
Common Names:Common Greenshank
Status:Common winter visitor and passage migrant


Channgi, Khatib Bongsu, Kranji, Lorong Halus, Mandai Mangrove, Pasir Ris Park, Pulau Semakau, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin, Punggol, St John's Island, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Tanah Merah, Tuas

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General Biology

The Common Greenshank is a common winter visitor and passage migrant. It forages along coastal areas especially where the substrate is soft and muddy. As it walks along, it pecks and probes the shallow water.


Main food items are prawns and small fishes. It also takes insects and their larvae, crustaceans, annelid worms, molluscs and amphibians. 

Prawns are swallowed tail first to avoid the sharp spines.


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