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Areca catechu Linnaeus

Species:A. catechu
Common Names:Betel Nut Palm

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    Flippance, F. (28 Jun 1920)

    One of the first things noticed by the newcomer to the East is the red appearance on the lips and teeth of the natives together with their habit of chewing. He may also observe, particularly in country districts, that many of the natives carry a small tin or receptacle of some description about with them. A peep into the tin would bring to light various things but chief amongst them would be found some betel nut and betel leaves.  These form the chief constituents of the mixture known as "betel" which is chewed by many of the Eastern people. In towns the mixture may be seen ready made up for sale.  It is inteded to give a brief outline of these two ingredients namely Betel Nut, the seeds of Areca Catechu, L., and Betel leaf, the leaf of Piper betle, L. The production of the former particularly, is essentially a native industry and is interesting on the account.

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