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Dendrelaphis kopsteini Vogel & Van Rooijen, 2007

Species:D. kopsteini
Common Names:Kopstein’s Bronzeback Tree Snake


The Kopstein’s Bronzeback Tree Snake has a total length of up to 1.4 m. Its body is slender and its head is distinct from the neck. The dorsal surface is bronze-brown with bands across the back. Its neck is a bright orange-red. It also has a black stripe extending from its snout, through the eye and to its neck, on each side of its head. Scales along its vertebrae have a broad black posterior margin. Its ventral scales are grey.

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This snake is found in Southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, the Mentawai Archipelago and Borneo.


It can be found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Kent Ridge Park, Lower Pierce Reservoir, Nee Soon Swamp Forest, Pulau Ubin, Tree Top Walk, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park and Western Catchment.

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General Biology

The Kopstein’s Bronzeback Tree Snake is diurnal and arboreal, usually found on shrubs and low tree branches in lowland primary and secondary forests. It can also sometimes be encountered in gardens and rural areas. This snake is non-venomous.


Its diet includes geckos and possibly other small vertebrates.

Life Cycle

Oviparous; its clutches comprise of eight eggs and has an incubation period of 92 days.

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