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Sibynophis melanocephalus Gray, 1835

Species:S. melanocephalus
Common Names:Black-headed Collared Snake


The Black-headed Collared Snake grows to 60 cm. It has a slender, cylindrical body, with a relatively short, flattened head that is slightly distinct from the neck. Its dorsal is dark brown with a pair of pale brown stripes, each stripe with a series of black spots or bands. The top of the head is black or reddish brown, densely speckled with white and its lips are whitish. The ventral surface is yellow with orange tinge.

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It is found in Southern Thailand, Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.


It is found locally in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Pulau Tekong and Western Catchment area.

Locality Map

General Biology

This snake is diurnal and terrestrial, often found in leaf litter or under logs on the forest floor and around streams. It is also found in rural disturbed areas and plantations.  When threatened, it is known to autotomise its tail. This snake is non-venomous.


Its diet consist of lizards, frogs, and insects.

Life Cycle

Oviparous; it will lay up to six eggs per clutch.

Other Resources

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