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Rhyothemis triangularis Kirby, 1889

Species:R. triangularis
Common Names:Sapphire Flutterer


Males and females are similar. In males, the hindwing is 21 to 23 mm long and the total body length ranges from 23 to 26 mm. The eyes are reddish brown on top and dark brown below. The thorax and abdomen are dark metallic blue. The wing bases have broad and distinctive deep purplish blue patches. The coloured patches on the wings of male are brighter purplish-blue, while those of the female are darker in colour.

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Widespread in South and Southeast Asia.


Recorded at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West, Bishan Park, MacRitchie Reservoir, at the forest edge of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Marina East and Marina South.

Locality Map

General Biology

This species inhabits ponds and sluggish streams.

Although it can be a weak and slow flyer, occasionally an individual can be seen to fly quite high, ascending slowly, until reaching a height of about 15 to 20 m before flying off horizontally and almost instantly disappearing from sight. When perching, it often turns its wings to point directly at the sun. This species falls prey to spiders frequently. It is common to see individuals trapped in spiders' webs.

Life Cycle

As with many libellulid dragonflies the mating is brief and shortly after disconnecting the female will proceed with the next phase of oviposition (egg laying) around the shallows water.



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