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Tropidolaemus wagleri (Boie, 1827)

Species:T. wagleri
Common Names:Wagler's Pit Viper


The Wagler's Pit Viper has a slender body which is laterally compressed in juveniles and adult males, while robust in adult females. It has a large triangular head that is distinct from the neck. This species have varied colouration and patterns in both sexes and both adults and juveniles. It can grow to a total length of about 98 cm.

Adult females: The dorsal is black with yellow bands and green spots, while the underside is yellowish with green patches. A black stripe runs across from the anterior to the posterior of the eye.

Juvenile females: The dorsal is yellow with white bands, while the ventral is pale. A red and white stripe runs across from the anterior to the posterior of the eye. The tail is red.

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Southern Thailand, southern Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Pulau Nias, the Mentawai Archipelago, Pulau Bangka, Pulau Natuna and the Riau Archipelago.


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Pulau Tekong.

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General Biology

This snake inhabits mature low-land forests. It is arboreal, usually found on low vegetation. Being nocturnal, it is usually sluggish in the day.

This snake is venomous and its venom attacks the blood vessels and blood cells. The snake bite is seldom fatal but it can cause considerable discomfort.


It feeds on small vertebrates such as birds and rodents.

Life Cycle

Ovoviviparous; each clutch comprises of 15-41 neonates.

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