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Libellago hyalina (Selys, 1859)

Species:L. hyalina
Common Names:Clearwing Gem


In males, the hindwing is 16 to 18 mm in length and the total body length ranges from  20 to 22 mm. Both sexes have hyaline (clear) wings. The abdomen of the mature male is either bluish or glowing purple. In immatures, the abdomen may have reddish brown patches and the pterostigma is pale. The colour of females changes with age. The female has a thick abdomen and has distinctive pale thoracic markings, very different from the females of other species in the genus.

Throughout its range, this species shows a good deal of variation, particularly in the colour of the male abdomen, both mature and immature. It is not certain if these forms represent a highly variable species or a complex of several species, which may hybridise in some places within the overall range.

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Widespread in Sundaland, Thailand and southern parts of Indochina.


Only been recorded in Nee Soon Swamp Forest.

Locality Map

General Biology

The females are more commonly seen than males. They appear in late morning perching on grass or twigs. They fly over shallow, leaf-filled, scarcely moving water at the extreme inland edge of the swamp. Males are territorial but do not exhibit courtship behaviour.


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