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Indothemis limbata (Selys, 1891)

Species:I. limbata
Common Names:Restless Demon
Status:Critically endangered


The general impression is of a dark species. It is mostly dark blue. The frons is light blue. Each wing is tipped at its extremity with dark brown. There is also a dark brown patch at the base of the hindwing, with a much smaller one at the base of the forewing. The female is paler and is rarely seen. This species may be confused with Trithemis festiva but is darker, lacks orange streaks on the abdomen, has wings with dark tips and the basal dark patch on the hindwing differs in shape, being more rounded and not divided into two parts as in T. festiva. In males, the hindwing is 26 to 29 mm in length and the total body length ranges from 33 to 36 mm.

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Ranges from Singapore northwards to Thailand and Myanmar, a distinct subspecies occurs in India and Sri Lanka.


Recently been seen in MacRitchie and Upper Peirce Reservoirs.

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General Biology

This species is listed in the Singapore Red Data Book as critically endangered. It occurs in open marshes with emergent plants, such as sedges. A few individuals have recently been seen in MacRitchie and Upper Peirce Reservoirs. We may hold some hope for this species in Singapore.

This is a sun-loving species, makings its appearance in fine weather during the day. It is a fast and strong flyer. It is aggressive and is sometimes seen chasing away other species.


Has previously been recorded in Bukit Timah University Campus in 1981 and Normanton Park in 1986. Recorded in reclaimed areas in Marina East and Marina South, where both sites are presently being developed.


Tang, H. B., L. K. Wang & M. Hämäläinen, 2010. A Photographic Guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore. Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, National University of Singapore, Singapore. 222 pp.

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