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Crocothemis servilia (Brury, 1773)

Species:C. servilia
Common Names:Common Scarlet


This is one of the larger species of red dragonflies. In males, the hindwing is 31 to 33 mm in length and the total body length ranges from 40 to 43 mm. The male is red from head to tail, including the eyes. There is a distinctive dark line along the dorsum of the abdomen. The female is light brown in colour. The wing base has a brownish yellow hyaline patch, moderately extensive in the hindwing. The immature male is like the female.

Males of Crcothemis servilia are easiily confused with those of Rhodothemis rufa. The dark line of abdomen and uniform red colour on dorsum of thorax in C. servilia is characteristic. Other differences by which they can be separated are given in Orr (2005).

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Ranges from Middle East throughout tropical and subtropical Asia to New guinea in the east.


Widespread in Singapore.

General Biology

This species can be seen in disturbed open habitats and grassy water bodies with still water. Like the other common red libellulids, Crocothemis servilia is a sun-loving species. The male guards his territory by perching on the tip of an emergent plant and chases off other dragonflies of the same species or other species. Thereafter, he returns to his favourite perch.


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