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Trentepohlia .sp
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Trentepohlia sp. Martius, 1817



The thallus is made up of branched filaments, with the major portion being prostrate with few short erect branches. Or the erect portion may dominate the prostrate portion. The plant may appear brownish to yellow red to bright orange due to the predominance of the pigment b-carotene.The discoid chloroplasts are usually masked by this carotene. The cells are cylindrical to slightly moniligorm.

Read more about the Trentepohliales order.


Widespread in damp tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Also found in temperate and arctic regions.

Locality Map

General Biology

This is a terrestrial alga. Two common species are recorded. Trentepohlia odorata (F.H.Wiggers) Wittrock grows on dry surfaces like walls of buildings, resulting in a layer of orange. It can be a serous problem to the state's Housing and Development Board's numerous highrise buildings (Wee & Lee, 1980). T. aurea (Linnaeus) C.F.P.Martius on the other hand grows on earth banks, rocks and tree branches and trunks, forming a furry orange layer.


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