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Asplenium tenerum
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Asplenium tenerum Forst., 1786

Species:A. tenerum


This is a smallish fern with a short, erect rhizome that bears many branching roots with many root hairs, the whole forming a spongy mass. At the apex of the rhizome is a rosette of pinnate fronds borne on a 20 cm long stipe. The lamina is 20-40 x 4-8 cm with 20-30 pairs of opposite pinnae, about 4 x 1 cm, sessile and upper base slightly auricled. Sori linear, with an indusium about 0.7 mm wide attached along the vein and opening towards the midrib.

Read more about the Polypodiales order.
Read more about the Aspleniaceae family.


Sri Lanka to Polynesia, north to Tonkin.


Bukit Tima Nature Reserve.

Locality Map

General Biology

This is a smallish fern that grows on the base of tree trunks and shrub stems or rock surfaces. It catches limited leaf litter with its basket of pinnate fronds, not as efficient as in Asplenium nidus. Usually found by forest streams

Life Cycle

For an account of the life history of a fern, see Pyrrosia piloselloides.


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