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Calophyllum teysmannii Miq.

Species:C. teysmannii


This tree is named after the collector J.E. Teijsmann.


 This is a small to big tree, up to 33 m tall. The bole has short spreading buttresses and usually with stilt roots. The bark is brown to grey-brown with rough, narrow and shallow fissures. When cut, there is copious, clear yellow or yellow-brown, non sticky exudate that turns opaque. The obovate leaf shape is distinct with a notch at the apex. Leaf margine is thickened and of lighter colour (especially when dried). The flower has 4 or 0 petals and the fruit is ovoid-globose, relatively smooth when dry.

This is a very variable taxon. The common variety in the Central Catchment appear to be the var. teysmannii, as mentioned in Stevens 1980, the other variety being C. teysmanii var. inophylloide. C. teysmannii var. teysmanii is differentiated by the clear and fluid sap as well as the conical and tomentose terminal buds that are initially enclosed by the petiole bases of uppermost pair of leaves.

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Distributed from Malay Peninsula to Borneo. 


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve

Locality Map

General Biology

C. teysmannii var. teysmanii is found in peat swamp, flat-lying mixed dipterocarp forests, kerangas vegetation and on ridges of lower montane rainforests up to 1220 m elevation.

C. teysmannii var. inophylloid can be found on well-drained lowland to mid sloped mixed dipterocarp forests.

Human Uses

Hard timber that is used in construction


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