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Andira inermis (W.Wright) Kunth ex DC.

Species:A. inermis
Common Names:Bastard Mahogany, Brown Heart, Bay Seed, Cabbage Bark.


A small evergreen tree to 20 m tall, it has a dense, dark green crown. Leaves are simple pinnate compound, 18-33 cm long, spirally arranged, with 4-5 pairs of opposite leaflet as well as a terminal leaflet. Leaflets are ovate, 4-9 x 2.5-4 cm and wavy along the edge. Flowers in compact terminal bunches of 10-20 cm long and wide, bisexual, lilac-pink and scentless. Fruits are atypical of the family, having a fibrous pulp enclosing a round seed and not splitting open like most legumes do when ripe.

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Tropical South America through the Wets Indies and west tropical Africa.

Human Uses

A ghood wayside tree as the crown gives good shade and the many dense bunches of flowers are attractive. It makes a good windbreak and the timber is used in furniture. The bark can be used as a vermifuge and the seeds as a purgative.


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