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Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw.

Species:C. pulcherrima
Common Names:Peacock Flower
Status:Cultivated only


This is a ornamental shrub that can grow into a small tree of 7 m high. Leaves are twice pinnate compound, alternately arranged, 20-35 cm long, with 4-9 pairs of sides-stalks that bear 6-11 pairs of 12-16 x 7-10 mm leaflets. Flowers are 3.5 cm wide, in loose bunches, showy, orange-red-yellow, scentless and with prominent long stamens. Fruits are oblong pods that split open exposing the flattened seeds.

The flowers are visited by sunbirds for the nectar while Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) eat the seeds.

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Possibly native to South America, now grown throughout the tropics.


Common along roadsides and gardens.

General Biology

There is a red flowered as well as a yellow flowered cultivars.

Human Uses

Commonly grown in gardens and parks for their attractive flowers and the sunbirds they attract.


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