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Dendrocygna javanica Horsfield, 1821

Species:D. javanica
Common Names:Lesser Whistling-duck, Less Tree Duck, Indian Whistling-duck
Status:Uncommon Resident

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General Biology

The Lesser Whistling-ducks are fast fliers, with quick, continuous wing beats. They call constantly in flight, whistling as they fly. They are becoming rare in Singapore, threatened by habitat loss and poaching. They prefer small bodies of shallow freshwater with abundant marshy vegetation that are surrounded by trees, which they can roost in. The wild population in Singapore is often supplemented by free-flying birds from Jurong Bird Park. The species has also been introduced into the lakes in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. By 2012 these ducks here have hybridised with the Wandering Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna arcuata) resulting in a family of hybrid ducks.


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