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Molineria latifolia (Dryand. ex W. T. Aiton) Herb. ex Kurz

Species:M. latifolia
Common Names:Hill Coconut


This is a herb with stalked elliptic leaves. The underside of the leaves and petioles are densely hairy. Compared to the only other recorded species in Singapore from the same genus (M. capitulata), this species has leaves that are shorter (30–100 cm) and narrower (5–10 cm).

It produces yellow flowers in head-like inflorescence surrounded by stiff, oblong bracts (4–5 cm long). The fruits are beaked with a prolonged tip, ripening from white to green and are edible.

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General Biology

This species grows in slightly shady or sunny patches of primary and secondary forests.

Human Uses

It is planted as an ornamental.


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