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Anisoptera megistocarpa Slooten

Species:A. megistocarpa
Status:Critically Endangered


This is a large emergent tree with talll buttresses that can grow up to more than 1 m in diameter. The bole is fissured-scaly with inner bark that is a thick laminated yellow. The leaves are large, oblong to obovate-oblong, up to 20 cm long with about 30 seconardy veins that looped. The yellowish leaves are leathery and smooth on top surface, with nerves slightly sunken. On the undersurface, the leaves have coarse, dark red brown hair, which also cover the petioles. The flowers have creamy white petals that are about 12 mm long. The fruits are nuts with two long wings, 22 × 2.8 cm.

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Southeastern Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Singapore, northern Sumatra.


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserves

General Biology

Anisoptera megistocarpa is found scattered on well-drained, undulating lowland hills.

Human Uses

Commerically, the wood is known as mersawa. However, the high silica-containing wood is hard to saw and thus not as popular. Used for light construction and interior construction such as flooring and doors.  


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