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Artocarpus elasticus Reinw. ex Blume

Species:A. elasticus
Common Names:Terap


Large forest trees up to 45 m, and buttresses about 3 m. The bole is grey brown with smooth to scaly bark. The leaves are dimorphic simple leaves. Young plants possess deeply lobed leaves. Adult trees have ovate-oblong entire leaves, about 22.5–55 by 12.5–30 cm. The leaves are stiff and leathery, rough hairy on upper surface, densely hairy on lower surface with prominent secondary veins. 

Its fruits are wooly and with a soft recurved spine. They turn from cream yellow to brownish when ripe. Ripe fruits are up to 16 cm long, with fleshy seeds and have a rancid smell.

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Lower Peirce Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir

Locality Map

General Biology

Common in lowland forests and open countries throughout Southeast Asia.

Ecological Role

The fruits are consumed by squirrels and monkeys.

Human Uses

The bark can be peeled off in large sheets and is used to make strings, house-walls, clothing (by natives) and material for lining baskets (by Malays). The tree has sticky latex which can be used to make birdlime, a glue for trapping birds.

Other Resources

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