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Bryopsis pennata var. secunda
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Bryopsis pennata var. secunda (Harvey) Collins & Hervey

Species:B. pennata var. secunda


The entire plant is made up of a single, coenocytic tubular cell that grows from the apex. Transverse walls are absent except when injury occurs or when reproductive organs are formed. There is a creeping system of rhizoids that gives rise to erect main axes of 5-7 cm in length. This main axis bears opposite pinnate branches, 1-4 mm long that decreass in length from base to the apex of the axis. Certain branches are separated from the main axis by the formation of cross walls to be transformed into gametangia.

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Sentosa, Pulau Salu, Pulau Sakeng, Pulau Ubin.

Locality Map

Life Cycle

Male plants bear gametangia that produce male gametes while female plants bear gametangia producing female gametes. Once the gametes are released into the surrounding water they seek out their respective counterparts to unite and form zygotes. The zygotes develop into new plants.


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