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Freycinetia sumatrana var sumatrana Hemsl.

Species:F. sumatrana var sumatrana
Common Names:Climbing Pandan


A woody climber. Like many species in this family, the plant has long, leathery, pleated leaves with toothed margins. A pair of auricles can be found at the base of the leaves. Aerial roots can be seen growing along the stem, allowing the plant to hold onto its host plant.

This species is dioecious. Its flowers are produced in the form of an inflorescence on clustered cylindrical spikes (terminal spadix) surrounded by red floral bracts. For F. sumatrana, pistillodes were seen on immature staminate spikes. The uppermost bracts are also modified such that they are soft, sugary and palatable. The fruits are in the form of fleshy berries.

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Tropical Asia

Ecological Role

Due to the hexose sugar found in the uppermost floral bracts and pollen found in a matrix of edible oils, F. sumatrana flowers are an attractive food source for birds and bats, which help to pollinate the flowers in the process.

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