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Macaranga hypoleuca (Reichb.f. & Zoll.) Mull.Arg.

Species:M. hypoleuca
Common Names:White Mahang


Macaranga hypoleuca is a small secondary forest tree. It has smooth bluish-green white bark with prominent hoop-marks. The glabrous leaves are very white beneath, slightly convex and deeply tri-lobed to ¾ of its length. The stipules are leathery and deltate. The twigs are also whitish and hollow and inhibited by ants. (See. M. bancana for details about the ant and Macaranga symbiosis relationship.) The fruits are sticky, 3-locular, subglobose, measuring about 5–6 by 6–8mm. 

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Thailand, Malaya Peninsula, Sumatra, Singapore, Borneo


Central Catchment Nature Reserves, Bukit Batok Park

General Biology

M. hypoleuca is a widespread early successional tree found up to 1000 m elevation. It occupies a wide range of habitats, from dryland dipterocarp forests to edges of swamp forests. It is able to tolerate a large range of soils—richer shale-derived to less fertile sandstone derived material. It requires high light and establishes well after selective logging and shifting agriculture. 


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