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Rocky Shore

Photo credit: Wang Luan Keng


Rocky shores are coastal habitats characterised by rocks, boulders and stones. It is usually found associated with cliffs along the shore. In Singapore, rocky shores can be found in Labrador Beach, Pulau Ubin, and the Southern Islands.

The environmental conditions on rocky habitats are equally if not more extreme for organisms as compared to sandy shores, especiallly for plants. This is because soil is little or even absent. Moreover, the rocks absorb heat from the sun and heat up easily during the day while still radiating heat over the night. Wave actions and clashes between moving rocks also make it a harsh habitat.

Many among the plants one can find growing in rocky shores tend to be very hardy. Interestingly, rocky shore plant species also constitute a large portion of the rarest plants in Singapore. As for animal life, the rocky shore is a great habitat for sessile organisms which require a hard substrate for attachment. Many small invertebrates such as crabs and marine snails also find shelter among the crevices found between rocks. Tidal pools formed among rocks during low tide also serve as a shelter for other marine organisms.


Rocky Shore

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