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Monsoon Drain

Photo credit: Wang Luan Keng


Many of Singapore's original waterways have been modified for the purposes of flood and mosquito control. Mostly underwent straightening, deepening, widening, and cementing of the banks and substrates to form canals or monsoon drains. Some other monsoon drains, however, are constructed and entirely artificial. Such exposed habitats are characteristically warm, hard, often polluted and shallow waters flowing over bare concrete substrata.

Monsoon drains or canals are harsh environments. Flowing through urban areas, they are subjected to urban runoff, pollution, and also frequent, severe flash flooding during heavy rainfall, which results in sudden and rapid increase in depth, volume and flow of water.

Most of these drains discharge into the sea with a few exceptions. At least four canalised rivers (the Geylang, Kallang, Rochor, and Singapore rivers) empty into the Marina Reservoir.


Monsoon Drain

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