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Coastal Forest

Photo credit: Wang Luan Keng


Coastal forests are terrestrial habitats which consists of different forms of plants that grow near shores, ranging from creepers to tall trees.

The plants here are generally hardy as they have to withsatnd and adapt to the different challenges associated with shores. The maximum temperature on shores can be higher than that of inland habitats. Strong winds, coupled with the salty seawater sprays and splashes are among the other challenges the plants have to face.

Coastal forests, similar to other forest types, provide many ecological services for many organisms, including food and shelter. These forests are also a source of nutrients enriching marine habitats because the leaves, fruits and other organic matter that drops from the forest could end up in the sea.

In Singapore, coastal forests can be found at Changi Beach, Labrador Nature Reserve, Chek Jawa, and the Southern Islands.


Coastal forest

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