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Rural area/Kampong

Photo credit: Wang Luan Keng


The word "Kampong" means "village" in Malay. Villages were once very common in Singapore before the 1960s but are extremely rare these days in the urbanised landscape of modern Singapore. The last village on mainland Singapore which survived and withstood the changes of time is Kampong Buangkok, while remnants of a "kampong" life can still be seen on Pulau Ubin.

Villages are characterised by wooden houses, roads and tracks that are not well-paved as well as orchards and plantations. Many flora and fauna that are commonly found in secondary forests, open country and plantations can also be found in villages. Food plants such as papaya, banana, guava, coconut, and tapioca are among many common plants grown in the gardens of villagers.


Rural area, Kampong, orchard

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