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Parks and gardens are managed habitats of different sizes, with parks being larger landscaped areas. The public parks in Singapore are divided into different types, including national parks (the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park), regional parks, neighbourhood parks, and park connectors.

Due to the presence of more planted trees and shrubs in the parks, such a habitat is more shielded from the effects experienced from tar roads and buildings despite parks also having manmade structures, recreational facilities and a certain degree of human disturbance. This makes park environments generally shadier, cooler, more humid, less windy ,and less polluted, thus providing a suitable environment for many plants including less hardy ornamentals to grow here. This in turn attracts other animals to this habitat.

Gardens are smaller habitats that are found in private homes and other buildings. Many can be found at ground level but there are efforts made in establishing gardens on rooftops of buildings as well. Due to the fact that many gardens are managed privately, many owners are willing and have the budget to maintain and stock up the gardens with unique ornamental flora, thus attracting a diverse range of fauna as well. However, it is also through this channel that many exotic plants escape into our local ecosystems. Some other gardens are also managed by the community.


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