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Open Country

Photo credit: Wang Luan Keng


Open country habitats are exposed areas with very little tree cover. They are typically dominated by grasses, shrubs, and herbs. Some open country habitats are transitional which are maintained by disturbances such as fire. If left untouched, it will soon be succeeded by taller vegetation and trees. Other open countries can be a mature and stable habitat which remains as it is over time.

In Singapore, many of its open country habitats are the immediate result of land reclamation or are vacant wastelands waiting for further urban development. Some of the places where one can find open country in Singapore include Lorong Halus, Punggol, Tanah Merah, Neo Tiew, Lim Chu Kang, Kranji marsh, Poyan, Tuas, and Loyang.

Due to the lack of complexity in terms of structure and available niches, open countries resemble grasslands and are lower in terms of biodiversity as compared to forests. However, the set of animals that dominate this type of habitat is rather unique. Open country birds constitute a large portion of the animals found here. There are also many insects, frogs and lizards that are present. Vegetation in open country habitats are extremely variable. However, there are many areas that have exotic weeds growing in them.


Open Country, Grassland

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