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Intertidal walks


Intertidal zone

'Intertidal' refers to an area of the shore that is inundated by seawater at high tides and is exposed at low tides. Various habitats can be found in the intertidal zone, including rocky shore, sandy shore, mudflats, seagrass meadow, coral rubble, and coral reef.
Organisms living on the intertidal zone are faced with predation pressures during high tides. During low tides, organisms must be adapted to dessication, high temperatures and predation from aerial and terrestrial predators.
When to visit
Intertidal walks can be conducted during low tides at various shores in Singapore. This usually takes place in the wee hours of the morning or late in the evening, very much depending on the tidal cycle. Intertidal walks lets participants explore various marine habitats and the organisms living in each, without having to snorkel, dive or even swim.
Guided walks
Some of the more popular areas for guided walks include Changi Beach, Chek Jawa, Pulau Semakau, Pulau Hantu and St John's Island. Various organisations and nature guides conduct intertidal walks for schools, organisations and members of the public, including:
The National Parks Board (NParks) - for Chek Jawa only
Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS)
Naked Hermit Crabs (NHC)

Guided intertidal walks are led by trained nature guides, which are familiar with the shore to ensure safety to the participants and the marine organisms. The guides are also able to show the participantsthe various fascinating marine organisms which are usually well camouflaged or hidden.

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